How to iron rhinestones on your clothes

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In this quick presentation, you'll learn how to iron Rhinestones onto clothing like a professional!

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  • How-To Guide: Putting Rhinestones on Your Clothes BROUGHT TO YOU BY RHINESTONE SHOP
  • Ever Wondered How To Get the Look? Have you ever noticed clothing embellished with rhinestones? Though the look of customized clothing may seem expensive, rhinestones easily can be applied to the clothes you already have giving you a fresh new look without breaking your budget. Here, Rhinestone Shop will walk you through three different processes for applying flatback, hot fix, and iron-on rhinestones to your clothing.
  • Flatback Rhinestones What Youll Need Flatback rhinestones (backing of flat foil) Glue (craft or jewelry glue) Fabric pencil Small piece of beeswax or candle wax
  • Flatback Rhinestones: Step 1 - Test Glue Place a small drop of glue on scrap fabric or a hidden seam in your clothing. Push a rhinestone into the glue, making sure there is just enough glue to slightly raise around the edges of the rhinestone. Let the rhinestone dry. After 24 hours, see if the stone is secure. If so, proceed with this glue. If not, find a stronger variety. Look for glue thats: - Non-flammable - Flexible - Waterproof
  • Flatback Rhinestones: Step 2 Create Design Use a fabric pencil to sketch out a design directly on your clothing. Apply the rhinestones according to your pattern. Lay down glue in 60 second increments, setting down as many stones as possible during this time. This prevents the glue from drying too quickly.
  • Flatback Rhinestones: Step 3 Set and Finish Lay your clothing out flat and allow the stones to dry for 24 hours. After seven days, you may wash your clothing by hand in cool water. Make sure to air dry your garment.
  • Hot Fix Rhinestones What Youll Need Hot fix rhinestones (backing of thin layer of glue) Hot fix heat gun or applicator tool Fabric pencil
  • Hot Fix Rhinestones: Step 1 Create Design Create design on fabric with a fabric pencil, just as you did with the flatback rhinestones.
  • Hot Fix Rhinestones: Step 2 Use Heat Gun Plug in the heat gun and wait for it to warm up (see heat gun instructions for time to heat). Lay the tip of the gun on the top of a stone, waiting several seconds to activate the glue.
  • Hot Fix Rhinestones: Step 3 Cool and Finish Similar with flatback rhinestones, you should dry your garment flat for at least 24 hours before wearing it. To prevent losing stones, wait one week before washing your clothes, and make sure to hand wash in cool water. Air dry your garment.
  • Iron-On Rhinestones What Youll Need Iron-on appliqu Iron Pillowcase
  • Iron-On Rhinestones: Step 1 Lay Out Design Select your iron-on appliqu of choice. Choose where youll place it on your clothing. Once its ironed on, you cant change your mind! Remove the white backing, placing the appliqu sticky side down on your clothing. Ensure the appliqu is placed smoothly and securely on the fabric.
  • Iron-On Rhinestones: Step 2 Prepare Iron Check that there is no water in your iron before plugging it in. Place your iron on a medium-heat setting with the steam setting off.
  • Iron-On Rhinestones: Step 3 Iron Open a pillowcase over the clothing and appliqu, ensuring just one side of the cotton is covering. Lay the iron onto the pillowcase, pressing down for 30 seconds. Flip your clothing the opposite way and hold the iron down onto the backside of the fabric for around 20 seconds. Return your clothing to the correct side, place the pillowcase back over your stones, and iron for an additional 20 seconds. Allow your garment to cool for several minutes.
  • Iron-On Rhinestones: Step 4 Peel With steady caution, peel the plastic off your appliqu. If you notice any stones remaining on the plastic Lay the plastic back down Cover the stones with your pillowcase Iron for 20-30 seconds After several minutes, try to peel away the plastic Repeat this process as needed
  • Iron-On Rhinestones: Step 5 Cool and Finish Allow your clothing to fully cool (about 10 minutes) before wearing. Wait at least one day before washing your garment, using the gentle cycle on your dryer. If rhinestones eventually fall off, use glue for a quick fix.
  • Conclusion Customizing your clothing with rhinestones is fun, easy, and affordable. Whether you choose flatback, hot fix, or iron-on rhinestones, you can make one-of-a-kind designs on old or new clothing. Rhinestone Shop offers a variety of rhinestones to bring a whole new level of shine to your wardrobe.
  • For one of the largest selections of flatback and hot fix rhinestones, visit Rhinestone Shop today or contact us for more information: Phone: 602-795-7855 E-mail: