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Great Ideas Take Time

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Kim Alsbrooks paints 17th and 18th Century portraits on trash she finds in the streets. Image by Kim Alsbrooks

The trash must already be flattened perfectly. She will not flatten it herself.Image by Kim Alsbrooks

Once Kim finds a perfect piece of trash, she finds the perfect portrait for that piece.Image by Kim Alsbrooks

(Im not sure whether it is harder for Kim to find the trash or paint the portrait.)Image by Kim Alsbrooks

The people Kim paints died long before TV, computers, Coke and Bud were invented. Image by Kim Alsbrooks

I have never met Kim.I found her work on Vimeo, which led me to herweb site , home of these images.Image by Kim Alsbrooks

Kims work gave me an idea, which led to this Slideshare. Image by Kim Alsbrooks

My work may give you an idea. Image by Kim Alsbrooks

It may take ten minutes or 1,000 years for this work to inspire a spectacular idea.Image by Kim Alsbrooks

Or you might just be slightly nicer to your spouse or child or friend because Kims work made you smile.Image by Kim Alsbrooks

We are all connected.

Your ideas and actions impact other people, even when it seems they do not.Image by Kim Alsbrooks

The connections between us are often neither immediate nor obvious.Image by Kim Alsbrooks

The people you impact may think very differently than you do.Image by Kim Alsbrooks

Do not wait for a response.Image by Kim Alsbrooks

The best response to your work may not come for 100 years.Image by Kim Alsbrooks

Image by Kim Alsbrooks

Great artists steal, bad artists borrow.

Harry Chapin, quoting StravinskyImage by Kim Alsbrooks

Steal as many great ideas as you can from the past, from the present, and from the future.Image by Kim Alsbrooks

Mashup the world in your own highly personal and unique way.Image by Kim Alsbrooks

Then watch as others do the same to you.Image by Kim Alsbrooks

All images by Kim

Slideshare byBruce Kasanoffghostwriter &

Image by Kim Alsbrooks