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Canine Mast Cell Tumours

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Canine Mast Cell Tumours

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Mast Cell Tumours

• 16-21% of all cutaneous tumours• Primarily a disease of older dogs • No gender predilection• Several breeds have an increased


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• 6 year old, male neutered Labrador

• 8x5cm mass on the right flank

• Clinical exam:– BAR– HR 80 bpm– LNs not enlarged – Abdominal palpation

was comfortable

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• Cytological assessment of FNA• Histopathology– Patnaik Grading System– Kiupel Grading system

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Patnik Grading System

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Kiupel Grading System

• Differentiates MCTs into either high or low grade based on:– At least 7 mitotic figures in 10 hpfs– At least 3 multinucleated cells in 10 hpfs– At least 3 bizzare nuclei in 10 hpfs – Karyomegaly

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• Haematology• Biochemistry • Abdominal ultrasound• Splenic FNA• Thoracic radiographs

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Abdominal Ultrasound

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Abdominal Ultrasound

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Abdominal Ultrasound

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Abdominal Ultrasound

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Thoracic Radiographs

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Treatment – Low Grade (I and II)

• Surgery with wide margins• Amputation • Cytoreductive surgery and

radiotherapy• Cytoreductive surgery and


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Treatment – High Grade (III)

• Wide surgery and chemotherapy +/- radiotherapy

• Chemotherapy options are – Vinblastine and Prednisolone– Lomustine– Tyrosine Kinase inhibitors (Masitinib or


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• Re-evaluate regularly for local reoccurrence or metastases

• Local site and regional lymph node evaluation

• Complete physical exam • Aspiration of any new cutaneous

masses or enlarged lymph nodes

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• Oncology department• Soft tissue department

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• Dobson J, Duncan B and Lascelles X (2003) BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Oncology Second Edition. BSAVA Withrow and MacEwan Small Animal Clinical Oncology Fifth Edition. Elsevier Saunders

• Bowlt K, Starkey M and Murphy S (2014) Cutaneous Mast Cell Tumours in Canines – diagnosis and staging. Veterinary times 38, 29-30

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