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  1. 1. A Guide to Planning Major Aspects of your Nuptials There is nothing more exciting than getting engaged to your soul mate except of course planning the ceremony and making your wedding dream a reality. There is so much to plan for everyone who wants their day to be extra special that you most certainly need a guide to planning the nuptials. Since you dont want to go overboard right at the start, it can be helpful to decide on a total sum that will be expended on your ideal ceremony. Some major aspects of your big day have been talked about below that can lead you to a perfect celebration culminating your marriage vows. The Setting Are you going to have an indoor or outdoor event? It is important that you decide this first as it is only afterwards that you can pick the perfect decorations and look at wedding venues. In case you and your fianc havent yet decided on a theme, take a moment to simply close your eyes and envision the perfect ceremony. Viola! You will know exactly where you want to be married. Whether you want a country theme, a more elegant one or a colourful blast full of trendy fusion; let your imagination run wild. Remember to talk to your partner and decide on a place that you both love as well as one that is available and convenient. Colours, Flowers and Adornment Based on the theme of your nuptials, you will need to narrow down a colour scheme. Blue and white for instance suits a beach theme or champagne and silver suits an elegant church marriage. Maybe you want to have a classy backyard affair in stunning shades of pastels? In case you favour pink or peach you can incorporate those colours in all of the linens, wedding flowers and decorations on your big day. Discuss bridesmaids dresses of the same colour or a similar shade as well for a well-rounded effect. Wedding Wear
  2. 2. When it comes to the gown and tuxedo, your mind will certainly start spinning as there are so many choices. Remember to think about the theme of the event when you ponder and choose between a white tuxedo or a smart looking servicemens uniform. The same goes for the bride when she is all set to pick out the perfect gown, as she must choose dainty and pretty bridal shoes to match for a memorable marriage service. Unique Highlights When some of the major aspects of your big day are being decided you should certainly think about making the day extra special. Ask yourself what element you wish to add to the event to make your nuptials stand out from the rest. Is it going to be ice-sculptures of the bride and groom, or some exceptionally designed save-the-date cards? Or perhaps something that the guests could enjoy, letting them remember your memorable day forever. This could be anything from an open bar and live entertainment to going for photo booth hire in Sydney. The latter actually gives guests a wonderful chance to walk away with a fun picture of them on the day. You can even store a set of pictures as a special section of your album for a unique element. Every aspect of the most awaited day of your life can be detailed to perfection with a bit of forethought and planning. For more visit us at