Common Vintage Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers

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  1. 1. Common Vintage Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers
  2. 2. There are many vintage owl salt and pepper shakers available online or at your local market. Here is a selection of some of the most commonly available shakers known.
  3. 3. Cute Couple (Asia) This cute couple features flower accents and often come with labels marking them as Made in Korea or Made in Japan, the maker is unknown. Average Price $9.95
  4. 4. Shawnee Winking Owls Shawnee Pottery Company operated from 1937 to 1961. These owls have been seen with blue eyes and green eyes and have a matching cookie jar. Average Price $12.99
  5. 5. Lego Daisy Eye Owls These cute brown owls feature yellow daisy eyes and are designated Salt or Pepper. Made by Lego Imports during the 1960s & 1970s. Average Price $10.99
  6. 6. Lefton Graduate Owls These cute graduates feature large glasses and clear rhinestone eyes. Made by Lefton and imported from Japan in 1956. Average Price $19.99
  7. 7. State Souvenir Owls on Logs These owls are perched on logs labeled with a state name in stylized log text. Also seen on a round base or as part of a larger serveware set. Average Price $12.00
  8. 8. Fitz & Floyd Round Owls Round terracotta owls from Fitz and Floyd. They date from the 1970s and are often marked FF Japan on a sticker. Average Price $19.99
  9. 9. Google Eye Owls (Brown) These tan owls with brown accents feature small moving google eyes. Maker unknown, usually marked JAPAN. Also available in green. Average Price $9.99
  10. 10. Treasure Craft Owl (Variety) Iconic Treasure Craft style, matte brown wood style owls accented with bright colorful glazed eyes. Average Price: Souvenir $17.99 Basic Set $14.99
  11. 11. XL Lego Horned Owls Very large (4.75) lightweight horned owls featuring brown and black accents on a khaki color body. Marked Lego 4442. Average Price $21.99
  12. 12. Pink Bellied Mod Owls Softly airbrushed dark grey owls with bright pink bellies. Marker unknown. Date estimated to the 1960s. Also seen (rarely) in blue. Average Price $21.99
  13. 13. Hanging Hobnail Glass Owls Glass and metal owls with screw off tops. Hobnail style glass bodies come in a variety of colors. Average Price $19.99
  14. 14. This is just a sampling of the amazing variety of vintage owl salt and pepper shakers available. For more info check out