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Chanel Earrings

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Chanel Earrings for SS 2008.

Text of Chanel Earrings

  • 1.Chanel Earrings for 2008 What does the House of Coco Chanel have in store for Earrings? - The Fashion Hobo

2. Chanel Fashion Earrings

  • Chanel lately and one of the particularly distinctive accessories released by the fashion house is their earings. Theyre so cool! Very good use of the signature crossed C emblem, and most of them are quintessential Chanel: Cutesy, girly, arty, a little bit of nostalgia for the Paris of bygone decades.
  • Here is a sampling of Chanel Earrings for 2008SS
  • - The Fashion Hobo

3. Star Studded Wickednessfrom Coco Chanel

  • This pair is one of the gaudiest of the lot. Using stars as a repeated symbol throughout their collections. Go to to see some of their other great examples of star-studded couture (the beach cover-up is beautiful!). These glitzy earrings would look great on someone young and fun.

4. Hanging Globesfrom Coco Chanel

  • This pair would be used for a completely different occasion. Get these to pair with that skirt suit you wear to work - or get a funky, vintage summer vibe going with a light cardigan and an A-line skirt.
  • These beauties immediately below are great club-wear.

5. Huge Heart-shaped Hoops from Coco Chanel I cant help but feel that Chanel has sold out its image a bit in recent times; I mean, its supposed to be cute, feminine and artsy, and represent the various aspects of such a girls lifestyle. But I rarely like Chanels pre-collection I find a lot of it to be tacky (these hoops are pre-collection SS08, and they definitely border on just that). 6. Cutesy Butterflies from Coco Chanel

  • Butterflies! Again, great for summer - wear these with a pretty flowy dress, or a casual beach look, and theyll make your outfit stand out. Its amazing that something as small and insignificant as earrings can do this, but people often dont realize what makes them look twice at something!

7. Classy & Formal from Coco Chanel

  • This pair is one of the classier, dressier ones of the season. These beauties would look good with a little black evening dress - well, pretty much any evening dress - but theyre probably a little over-the-top to wear to work.

8. Pear Shaped Earrings from Coco Chanel

  • I love the champagne colour of the stones. It should be noted that all of these earrings are from Chanels costume jewelry collection, so the stones arent rare, the metal isnt platinum, etc :P. Hey, these are still really classy.

9. Channel Logo Earrings Roundup from Coco Chanel

  • And thats Chanels earring collection for SS08 - thats from the main collection, pre-collection and cruise collection. Over and out!
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