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2. Six Flags/Texas 2006 My Dad {: Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. 3. My boyfriend (: Ferrocious Ferret Face 4. (: mybestfriend. (: 5. My dolly,plus my pretty muchsister. (: 6. My SCALY pal, Travis. 7. My Beautiful Emilboobear :D 8. you'll ever meet! them more than anything for it.but everyone does, that's life. like an angel when I'm with him! never leave me. (: what.give him a chance! My dadis amazing. We've had the best timestogether, and we've made TONS of memories that I'll never forget. We've also had rough times, All of these people have been there for me at some point in my life. They care for me and they're amazing people and I love Travis,this kid is hilarious. We were friends a lonnngg time ago, in elementary school, but that faded for a long time. We became friends again in about 8 th grade, and me and him and Oprah always have a blast together. This man can make anyone laugh if you Oprahis my best friend in the whole world. When I have any type of problem, I can always go to her and she's always willing to help no matter what. She wants everyone to be happy and is willing to try her best to keep it that way! We've also made a billion memories that will Joeis the best boyfriend I could ever imagine. He's everything I could ask for in a guy. He cares about me SO much, and I love that I can believe that with no doubt in my mind. I feel Ashlea.This girl is amazing, we've been sisters ever since we met each other. We're perfectly comfortable around each other and have more inside jokes than youcan count.We've gone througheverything that you could possiblyimagine together and I'm not afraid to talk to her about absolutely anything, and she knows that. We've both had rough times in our lives and we always are there for each other no matter Emilyyy.We've been friends since we were babies! Our parents were friends and we hung out together all the time. We've had lots of crazy times together, like fighting about how to eat an apple, breaking the shower curtains, sniffing her armpits, and soo many more things. She's another person I can come to about anything and she cares about everyone. She's friends with the whole world because she's the nicest, funniest kid