A Life of Togetherness

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Text of A Life of Togetherness

  • a l i f e oftogetherness

  • Tom was a California boy

  • curious about the world

  • his classmate Dennie had dreams, too

  • her creativity would bloom in the classroom

  • they were friends for years

  • until a 1958 dance rewrote their lives

  • there, Dennie lost her earrings and stole Toms heart

  • in 1960, they vowed togetherness

  • their family grew into four

  • Tom worked long hours away from home

  • Dennie tried a new hat with great success

  • every commute brought them closer

  • when Tom retired they started living their dream

  • finally, they had time to explore

  • enjoy their growing family

  • and raise llamas on their farm

  • later, the simplicity they craved

  • was found at Paradise Valley Estates

  • there, life has engaging, effortless detail

  • to make their years ahead even sweeter

  • their days ring with the laughter of friends

  • or the quiet of two hearts in perfect unison

  • enjoying the love created by a pair of lost earrings long ago