9 Things To Consider When Purchasing Handcrafted Jewelry

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  • 9 Things To Consider When Purchasing Handcrafted


    For as long as humans have inhabited the earth there has been jewelry. When humans first started to

    produce clothes and making primitive tools items of jewelry were fashioned from the natural resources

    available; this may have been bones, stones or even animal skins. More recently jewelry involves the use

    of beautiful, and often precious, gems set into gold or silver bracelets, rings or necklaces. One thing has

    been true throughout history, wearing an item of jewelry is a personal matter and the item worn will be

    a reflection of the person wearing it.

    There are an abundance of handcrafted items available on the market, although jewelry remains one of

    the most popular choices. Before purchasing any item it is essential to consider the following points:

    1. Type of Metal

    Handcrafted jewelry can be made from a wide variety of metals and even from non metallic products.

    Every item of jewelry which is made from a precious metal should state this and be able to prove that

    this is the case. Gold and silver are the most commonly used metals, although titanium and stainless

    steel are also popular choices. It is important to consider which metal has been used to produce the

    jewelry as it will need to match the other items that the recipient usually wears. Many fashion jewelry

    items are made from cheaper materials although this does not mean that they are any less of a gift.

    Particular attention should be shown to how well the article has been finished.

    2. Type of stones

    There is an even wider range of stones available which can be used in the production of handcrafted

    jewelry. These range from the beads used in costume jewelry to the finest diamonds. There are many

    different types of gems which are commonly used in jewelry and it is common for different color stones

    to be associated with different birth signs. Jewelry can also be made using alternative materials such as

    glass or even wood. This is something that needs careful consideration before you purchase as the right

    color and choice of jewel type is essential.

    3. Value

    It can be very difficult to place a value on an item of jewelry. The more expensive, or precious the stone

    (diamond) the higher the value of the item; however, there are many products which use lower quality

    stones but still have high price tags. This may be because they are made by a famous designer or they

    are particularly ornate. In simple economic terms an item is worth what you are willing to pay for it, you

    should bear in mind the quality of the stones used and how well the jewelry has been crafted before

    committing to any price.

  • 4. Handmade

    Before purchasing an item which is marked handmade or handcrafted it is essential to confirm that

    this is actually the case! If you are at a market or craft fair and dealing directly with the maker of the

    item then it should be easy to verify it is genuinely handmade. An item in a shop may be mass produced

    but made by hand, this is technically still handcrafted but it will not be unique and will not, necessarily,

    be of the high quality you were looking for. It is also possible that these products will have been made

    by exploiting children or even adults to work for nearly nothing. Of course, many handcrafted items are

    well made and ethically produced and are well worth purchasing.

    5. Ethnic Origin

    Just as it is important to establish that the product you wish to buy has been handcrafted it is essential

    to confirm where it has been made. There are many businesses which are happy to exploit the cheap

    labor market in third world countries in order to make more profit. Items which have been made in

    these locations will not be subject to the same quality controls present here and you may need to

    consider how pure the metal used is or even if the stones in the jewelry are ethically mined.

    6. Environmental Issues

    You should also consider the environmental impact of your intended purchase. Mining for gold, silver

    and diamonds has an impact on the environment and you should be concerned with how these products

    have been mined. It is still common is certain areas of the world to use children for mining diamonds;

    they work in dangerous conditions, with little pay and no holidays. Mining itself can cause huge amounts

    of damage to the earth, dirty gold mining is known to leave mercury and cyanide; both of which are

    harmful to the earth and to humans.

    7. Where to Purchase

    The best place to purchase your handcrafted jewelry is either directly from a local producer; anyone

    creating jewelry at home will be able to craft the exact piece you require and will do it at a reasonable

    price. Another option is to purchase from a reputable online store, there are many businesses trading

    online which promise eco-friendly products. It is best to visit an online store which is known to be

    environmentally friendly; www.greennbrown.com is one site that specializes in eco-friendly products

    and offers a wide range of products, including handcrafted jewelry at reasonable prices. Most

    importantly the site has verified every product as being produced in an ethnically and environmentally

    friendly way.

    8. Unique Design

    Handcrafted jewelry has a distinct advantage over any mass produced item as it is unique and can even

  • be designed with your personal input. This means that your purchase can be tailored to fit your wishes

    and will blend perfectly with the intended recipients wardrobe and existing jewelry collection.

    Handcrafted jewelry is also made with love and attention as the maker puts their reputation on the line

    with every item they make.

    9. Allergic

    A final, vital, consideration is the products which have been used in the manufacturer of the item. For

    several of the reasons listed above it is possible that the metal used in some jewelry is not pure and this

    can lead to issues for anyone who is allergic to certain types of metal, or even other materials. Before

    you purchase any handcrafted jewelry make sure you know that what you are purchasing is exactly what

    you think it is!

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