9 Most Stylish Running Sneakers For Women

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Interested in finding out the latest most stylish running sneakers on the market? Read along this article and find 9 of them! Read more here: http://estilo-tendances.com/9-most-stylish-running-sneakers/

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  • by estilo-tendances.com 9 Most Stylish Running Sneakers
  • There was no left or right foot differentiation and they were pretty rough to wear, so in 1892, the US Rubber Company came up with rubber soled shoes with canvas tops, that they called Keds, which, by 1917, began to be mass produced. 1923 In 1923, the Converse All- Stars were endorsed by Chuck Taylor, and Indiana hoops star and they became known as Chuck Taylor All-Stars, which soon became the best- selling basketball shoes of all time. Sneakers became something global in 1924, when a German man named Adi Dressler patented the first ever Adidas (named after himself, obviously). This brand soon became the most popular athletic shoe brand in the whole world But it took a while until sneakers sales really took off. It wasnt until 1984, when Michael Jordan signed a contract to wear Air Jordans, that sales really exploded making these particular sneakers the most famous ever made. 1892 1924 1984 History
  • These ones are a statement by themselves. Having a wide array of colors and patterns on them makes them noticeable from the start. Besides, they are very comfortable to wear and look stylish, getting your sporty outfit to stand out! #1 Asics in a whole lotta color
  • A truly mesmerizing collection made by Stella McCartney for Adidas. Cool patterns, outfits to match, very high-end, it is your piece of more affordable luxury you can have in your closet. Adidas are famed for having all sorts of capsule collections with famous designers. Speaking of which, there is one coming up in November 2014 with Mary Katrantzou. #2 Adidas by Stella McCartney
  • Made for Breast Cancer Awareness month, these sneakers not only support a great cause, but they look stylish and bring some color into our outfit. Everyone needs a splash of pink every once in a while, especially if it is for such a good cause! #3 Asics in Pure Pink
  • I love New Balance. They are comfortable, simple, yet very stylish and you can not only run in them, but you can also wear them in chic, relaxed day-to-day outfits as you have certainly seen during fashion week. So, ditch your uncomfortable heels for a pair of these and you will not regret it. #4 New Balance 996
  • For me, Nike stands for innovation and their new sneakers are not only innovative and stylish, but more than comfortable to wear on absolutely any occasion. These particular ones get your attention through the vibrant peachy color combined with the dark mauve, making a nice and interesting contrast, and getting your tanned skin in the attention of everyone around. #5 Nike FlyKnit
  • Again in a wonderful shade of pink, these Adidas Spring Blade look and feel amazing on your feet. If they had my size, I would have bought them, as they are more than comfortable and as I have heard from my friends reviews, very good for running on a daily basis. #6 Adidas Spring Blade
  • One of the most common Nike running shoes this season are the Nike Free 5.0. They are amazingly flattering for any type of foot and they come in amazing hues. No wonder everybody wants to grab a pair of them! They are overly light and perfectly comfortable while running. I personally jog in a pair of these and I couldnt be happier for actually investing in them. #7 Nike Free 5.0
  • These beautiful purple Pumas are perfect for the summer months. They are in a vibrant color, they are comfortable and perfect for running through your favorite park, or countryside road in the hot summer mornings. #8 Puma Voltaic
  • Yet another pair of Nike shoes, as I simply seem to love Nike in this article. These ones have a different shape than the ones presented before and are a tiny bit heavier and the sole is shaped differently, but everybody who has them has told me that they are perfectly comfortable and that they run really well in them. #9 Nike Zoom Fly
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