5 tips to improve concentration

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    5 Tips to Improve Concentration

  • 5 Tips to Improve Concentration

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    You are sitting in the class. You have your textbook opened in front you. You are just looking at it, lost

    somewhere else. H The teacher is delivering lecture in some code language which you are unable to

    decipher. Does it ever happen to you? But does it happen when we watch our favorite TV show. Nah, it

    does not. Students often face the problem of poor concentration. Here are 5 tips to improve


    1. Love your subject

    When you start loving what you study, your mind becomes more focused and attentive to it. So if you

    dont like a particular subject, say it to yourself that I love this subject. This will generate the needed

    enthusiasm to learn and in turn will increase your concentration.

    2. Do exercise and Meditation

    Practice meditation to increase attention. Students can also practice Yoga postures like Sun Salutation. It

    helps increase blood circulation to the brain which results in increased alertness and awareness. Regular

    exercise also helps to make your body healthy. A healthy mind is supported by a healthy body.

    According to your daily schedule, incorporate exercises like swimming, running or hit the gym.

    3. Eat healthy

    You should choose carefully what you eat. Avoid spicy food or food with too much sugar. Also, it is

    advisable to reduce the intake of fried and junk food. These kind of foods will make you feel lethargic.

    Include fruits, juices and vegetables in your diet.

    4. Sleep well

    Lack of adequate sleep is going to make you feel drowsy and fatigued all day. You will be unable to

    concentrate even on things that you love. So, you need to ensure that both your body and mind are well

    rested. A good eight-hour sound sleep is required to feel refreshed physically and mentally. Dont text or

    watch TV before your bed time. Not doing these will help you to sleep. Develop a reading habit or some

    bed time ritual before sleeping.

    5. Take short breaks

    After working for a while, our mind gets exhausted and it needs a break. So, instead of continuously

    working for hours, divide your work into hourly assignments. Take a 5-10 minute long break between

    two hourly tasks. This short break will give your mind the much needed relaxation and it will prepare the

    mind to focus again.

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  • 5 Tips to Improve Concentration

    Assignment Help Australia