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1. Alice was born to Paul and Vivian Bingham on September 24, 1934, the oldest of five children. This is her at 4 months old. 2. Dont ever try to take my doll away from me again! 3. Ooooh, can I have one of those picture taking things? I REALLY like it! Alice with her parents 4. Alice with her maternal grandmother, Lottie Starr. 5. Theyll never find me for my bath if I hide in here! 6. Dave, they think I was the one who did it, when we both know it was you! Alice with younger brother Dave. 7. Alice, Dave, Bill and Doris (with their parents, left) 8. If I stand here in the grass, people wont notice that I am wearing my mucking boots. 9. Young love! 10. I will be the hood ornament for the picture and then you can do it when they start driving the car! 11. No, Doris, this is how you take a pulse! 12. You want to go through the door? Youll have to get past me first! 13. Growing family the firstborn, Ken 14. Growing family the best, Dian 15. Growing family the one that made them quit, Kim 16. Growing family the perfect child, Jeff, the dog 17. Thanksgiving feast thanks, Mom! 18. Alice with her Sunday School class Grace Gospel (now Crossroads Community) Alice teaching Vacation Bible School at Stow Alliance Fellowship 19. Alice overjoyed and in celebration of a half of a century! 20. 25 years of wedded bliss! 21. The long awaited next generation came in 1981 with the births of Matt in May and Judy in November. 22. Alice never knew this happened until she saw the developed pictures! 23. Al and Alice renewing their wedding vows. 24. Grandma passing on generational secrets on how to win at Candy Land! 25. Alice and Kim on a hike at Towners Woods in Kent 26. Alice with her Ravenna City School District co-workers (and one student) Alice was a teachers aide for many years, mostly working in the Title I Reading Program. 27. Really, I AM playing chubby bunny! 28. Alice honing her skills for her retirement career. 29. Alice with her favorite flowers poppies! (AKA Moms Opium Garden) 30. Grandma and Matt 31. Among my super powers is my ability to (still) embarrass my son! Alice at her Wonderful Woman 70th birthday party! 32. Alice , her sister-in-law, Marna, and niece, Karen 33. Alice and Ken in front of the dogwood tree Ken gave her for Mothers Day 34. Grandma and Megan 35. Grandma and Judy 36. Grandma, Kavita and Saloni 37. Alice, a woman who wears many hats! 38. Hiking the Appalachian Trail 39. Really? They put my face in outer space? 40. Alice and Dian on a trip to view covered bridges in Northeast Ohio 41. Grandma and Mike 42. Cameras through the years 43. Another generation! Great Grandma and Emma 44. Great Grandma and Saloni 45. Great Grandma and Michael 46. Great Grandma and Mackenzie 47. Great Grandma and Morgan 48. Great Grandma and Shane 49. Mackenzie, make sure you move your thumb out of the way before you snap the picture. 50. The Cat in the Hat game and t-shirts to match! Thanks, Great Grandma Weber! 51. I have a situation! 52. Alices excellent adventure out west with Ken and Liz 53. An end of summer night at Blossom 54. Frosted (and sprinkled) lips! Its the bomb! 55. Happy 80th Birthday, Alice! 56. Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. One generation commends your works to another; They speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty. They tell of the power of your awesome works. They celebrate your abundant goodness. Excerpts from Psalm 145