10 tips for selecting wedding photography

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  • 10 Tips for Selecting Wedding PhotographyWedding Vendors Worldwide

  • 10 Tips for Selecting Wedding PhotographyPhotos preserve the moments you spent in the past. When you see them you find yourself in those moments again. When the matter comes for your marriage, you definitely would like to make it memorable. For this purpose, your wedding photos will serve a great purpose. So, plan and select your wedding photography wisely.

    Here are a few tips that you may use to select your wedding photography:

    1. Plan the quantity of your photosPage 1 of 8

  • You must have in your mind as to how many photos would you like to have of your marriage. You may have photos of only main marriage ceremony or you may like to cover the whole events related to your marriage. This depends on your expenditure planned on this head.

    2. Plan the quality of your photos

    Be sure, here I dont suggest you for poor quality photos. Actually, what I mean to say is that you have in your mind the use of your pictures. For example, you mayPage 2 of 810 Tips for Selecting Wedding Photography

  • Page 3 of 8keep your photos in an album or display them on walls by getting it framed beautifully etc.

    3. Check your wedding photographer has backup equipment and a backup plan

    Be sure that when your wedding photographer reports to the venue; he has two memory slots, batteries etc. with him. This is to ensure that even one thing fails, the work must be continued without any serious harm to the enjoyment of ongoing ceremony.10 Tips for Selecting Wedding Photography

  • 4. Check your photographer is multi-staffed

    If your photographer is multi-staffed, your work will not be affected even one staff does not report in time and in worst case he/she falls sick at the marriage venue during odd hours.

    5. Delivery of photos at your place

    Some photographers click the photos on your wedding and get disappear after that citing the reason of involvement in other Page 4 of 810 Tips for Selecting Wedding Photography

  • important works. That should not happen in your case. Your photographer should deliver the photos at your place.so authenticity of photographer is an important crieteria which must not be overlooked.

    6. Confirm the previous works of photographer

    Just name is not enough. It may happen that a photographer having good repute doesnt deliver good qualities photos of your choice. So, there is no harm in confirming his previous work.Page 5 of 810 Tips for Selecting Wedding Photography

  • 7. Confirm the rate event-wise versus packages

    It may be possible that photographer of your choice is not available (due to his previous booking) on a particular ritual/event of your marriage. In that case, you may hire another photographer for that occasion. Before, doing that confirm the rate from both of the photographers.

    8. Discuss the venue with the photographer

    Sometimes photographer blamesPage 6 of 810 Tips for Selecting Wedding Photography

  • the venue and decorations there for poor quality photos. So, it is better to discuss with him about the venue etc. and then prepare for the day.

    9. Discuss with your friend and acquaintances

    Instead of just going by the advertisements and selecting a photographer for your wedding, it is good to discuss about it with your friends in office, relatives and other acquaintances. Their experience with any of photographer may by valuable and for your use. YouPage 7 of 810 Tips for Selecting Wedding Photography

  • may take their help to reduce cost and use of expert services.

    10. Interview and confirm the work of photographer

    If you come to know about any photographer, simply dont believe and book him for your event. It is better to interview him and also ask for the wedding album previously prepared by him. Also, discuss the money issues frankly. If you are satisfied, you may proceed.Page 8 of 810 Tips for Selecting Wedding Photography

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