10 Beautiful Decoration Ideas For Small Apartment Balconies

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In this day and age of compact homes, it is not always possible to have wide open spaces adjoining the house. The case is even more so for people living in high-rise apartments. With a large number of Indias population moving away from the independent housing schemes to community living, lack of open spaces have been increasingly being compensated by having intelligently done balcony designs. Balcony offers the incentive to moving away from the monotonous indoors into the open air overlooking the apartment. With apartments getting smaller and compact, the lack of a bigger size balcony should not affect crating a wonderful cozy space in the balcony design. Here are top 10 balcony design and beautification ideas that can be embedded into apartments or houses with small sized balconies.


<ul><li> 1. Killer ways for engaging residents in apartment community activitiesKiller ways for engaging residents in apartment community activities10Beautiful Decoration Ideas for Small Balconies </li></ul> <p> 2. Place a small cosy set of reading chairs in the balcony to make up for the perfect evening along with a hot cup of your favourite tea or coffee.#1 3. A good idea to add a dash of green in your balcony is to compliment the balcony with flower pots and creepers sliding down from the roof.#2 4. Having a small balcony bed is one of the most popular add- ons as it can be customized according to the design and width of your balcony.#3 5. Get a floor accommodation design in your balcony that can complement the modern lifestyle of an apartment with its subtle and traditional look.#4 6. If you always wanted a garden but are cramped for space, you can create a lovely small garden in the balcony.#5 7. Install a long glass panel fixed on all sides of the balcony as it allows the sunlight to seep through while offering the balcony the privacy it deserves.#6 8. Lining balconies with fabric or bamboo blind enhances a sense of privacy in closely knitted apartment communities.#7 9. You can use AstroTurf on the balcony floor to add a modern surreal look and can complement the balcony furniture by giving it an exotic flavour.#8 10. Get customized furniture like sofa cum beds and a set of reclining chairs to give a perfect look of a leisured living room ambiance to the balcony.#9 11. Having lamps in the corners in the balcony is a simple and subtle way to enhance the beauty quotient of your balcony.#10 12. CommonFloor.comis India's leading property search portal.On a mission to make property search hassle-free, transparent and fruitful;CF has best of breedproperty search on maps,property search mobile appsand an extensive section for knowledge resources andadvice in real estate. </p>


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