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Tim Loo Strategy Director, Foolproof When Business Culture kills Experience Design

When Business Culture kills Experience Design - Tim Loo - WebVisions BCN 2014

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Tim Loo's presentation at WebVisions Barcelona 2014. As experience designers, we’ve all been there. The business brief to improve the customer experience is clear. The insight from the customer and the business points to obvious opportunities. As a team we’ve designed innovative solutions creating a win/win for the organisation and their customers. And then, like a patient rejecting the life saving transplant from an organ donor, the solution doesn’t take. Or worse they do nothing. In most cases, it’s not the design but the culture of the organisation that is the barrier to step change improvement. So how do you redesign and “heal” the culture of an organization to better deliver customer experience design?

Text of When Business Culture kills Experience Design - Tim Loo - WebVisions BCN 2014

  • TimLoo StrategyDirector,Foolproof When Business Culture kills Experience Design
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn * YOUR DESIGN PROJECT ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn OK, so what do I mean by culture?
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Wikipedia denition screenshot
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Culture tells us how to behave when we cant turn to formal directives, agreements or set of rules for guidance
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Its part co-ordination, part conscience
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Why should we be interested in organisational culture?
  • BUSINESS UX ADVISORTHE PROJECT Client doesn't measure or understand the value of UX Ineective communication & persuasion Low stakeholder engagement in UX Lack of commitment to UX Lack of budget Driven by technology and constraints Consultant & agency attitudes Lack of senior-level client sponsor for UX Client doesn't understand UX processes Inertia and resistance to change Lack of time Lack of resources Client lack of vision, strategy and business case Lack of consultant skills & experience Source: Making UX Happen survey of top 3 barriers (100 respondents) Culture, politics & organisational silos
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Culture is a primary enabler/barrier to creating & delivering great experience
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Service excellence = design x culture Source: Uncommon Service, Frei & Morriss
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Culture eats strategy for lunch
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Thinking about big company culture
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Siloes, bloody siloes
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Short term minded
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Insular & inward looking
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn IT/engineering led
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Inexible process driven
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Our purpose is to make money
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn For me to win, you have to lose
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Culture change is hard
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn So how can we aect business culture?
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Thinking Behaviours
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn 4 behaviours
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Organisational Behaviour 1 We can all visualise what its like to be a customer dealing with us today
  • Experience videos
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Use tools which quickly & memorably communicate the functional and emotional customer experience
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Organisational Behaviour 2 We know & regularly communicate what good experience looks like
  • 4 Design Principle: Our expertise on tap When I need advice or technical help I know where to go I can always access the right information when I need it Experience design principles
  • Ive got options for how I want to place my order. Its the same whether I do this online or on the phone.1 Future customer stories
  • I like that I can quickly place an order for the products I frequently buy. Everything I need to know about the products is at my ngertips. 2 Its really clear to me what products are available and when Im realistically going to get them. 3 Future customer stories
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Experience design principles and customer stories help colleagues understand & describe what good looks like
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Organisational Behaviour 3 We physically get together to make hard decisions & trade-os to deliver the right experience
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Face to face collaboration is key to building empathy with customers and with colleagues
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Organisational Behaviour 4 We measure & report on things which are meaningful for us and the customer
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn We need to help make stakeholders care about the numbers linking customer outcomes to value
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Change thinking Change behaviours Make stakeholders collaborate and share customer perspective Create empathy with colleagues and customers
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Some of us will need to take a central role in aecting cultural change
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Thank you
  • @timothyloo @webvisions #wvbcn Start a conversation Tim Loo [email protected] +44 7714415677 @timothyloo