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Mise-En-Scene Luke WalkleyThe Cave Scene

Mise-En-Scene Lighting

It is obvious that in the scene of the film they are using practical lighting. In some aspects of it there are flairs that are used to light it. They dont use big Hollywood lights because they want the shadowy dark bits to make it look more like they are in a cave. They want it shadowy to show things lurking and to make it more believable they are in a cave when in reality it is all a set.

This bit is lighted with a flair.

Mise-En-Scene Costumes

The outfits they were are typical hiking gear. They wear this sort of clothing as they are in a cave and it indicates they have been hiking.

The crawlers have a special costume to make them look more unusual then the hikers. They went through hours of make up. This included wearing body prophetics.

Mise-En-Scene Props

The skull and bones are classed as props.

The camera is an important part of the scene as it captures the crawlers.

They use it as a light source.

The flair is also used as a light source.

Mise-En-Scene Locations

The only location in this scene is the cave. This is the only setting shown in the scene.