"Tell me why" for Team Leaders

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"Our Relevance" Session for Team Leaders Used in the Team Leaders' Common Transition

Text of "Tell me why" for Team Leaders

Tell me Why

TLs Common Transition 14

What is the situation in Greece today?

What are the challenges that concern YOU?

If nothing is done,

where do you see Greece in 20 years?

How do you WANT to see Greece

in 20 years?

What kind of people

are needed?

Notice Two paths

have been formed

We believe, the

fundamental solution

is Leadership!

Leaders imagine a world that they would like to be a part of,

a world worth fighting for. -Seth Godin

Leadership is NOT

the only solution!

But it might be the best

But it might be the best



We strive to bring change in Greece by expanding our reach as a community, being recognized for enabling youth leadership to act upon burning issues. We create strong success stories for the future!

In other words

To develop themselves

We enable young people

Into the kind of leaders

That bring change





indirectly impacts the


This way

We say we develop leadership

How do we do that?

Is there a model we use

for our programs?

Leadership Development Model

Not that model lol

Significant demographic and societal changes, fundamental technological advances and continuous globalization, as

well as complex multi-stakeholder issues and resource scarcity define this emerging context. These changing

parameters require new type of LEADERSHIP

- At Davos 2013

Developing this new kind of leadership

would require an inner and outer journey

The outer Journey of leadership

The inner Journey of leadership

AIESECs volunteering model allows us to develop the kind of needed leadership through creating experiences for others

We Build to Last.

Now that we have the way to

make the impact we want

We also need

a goal to guide us


What We Envision: Peace & Fulfillment of Human

Kinds Potential

Our Impact Model Develop Leadership by providing

Experiential Leadership Development

Opportunities for Young People


Our promise of providing young people worldwide nearly

ONE MILLION leadership development experiences till 2015








This session is nearly done

But theres one last thing

What is your personal reason

for being in AIESEC?

Each one of you has a different story!

People with different motives

acting together with a common goal

is something incredible!

Now its your turn to make an impact!