Practical insights in implementing lean principles Lean India Summit 2014

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Insights into Implementing Lean Principles


<ul><li> 1. Large Scale Program Transformation using Lean Practical Insights in Implementing Lean PrinciplesByKrishnamurty VG PammiAgile CoachIVY Comptech </li></ul> <p> 2. Case In pointNote: This case in point does not belong to / represent IVY Comptech in anyways. I am taking this case in point from my experience just to express my view point that how Lean principles can be effective2 3. Program - Before Lean ImplementationUnhappy CustomersProcess not meeting the targeted ProductivityDemotivated Employees3Scope- A Test Maintenance program where the primary objective is to identify new regression breaks in various Test releases (Breadth and Depth Test Passes) that do not exist in previous, released versions of WindowsRevenue : 4 million USDPeak Team Size = 120 members 4. 4Lean Model that worked for us.Goal Sustainable shortest lead time, best quality and valueLearn to see the wholeContinuous ImprovementChallenge Everything till convincedGo-See with Your Feet , 5 WhysRespect For the People(On the assembly line the person at the next workstation is also our customer)Lean PrinciplesTransformation Model 5. Lean Principles Implemented5SL #Lean Principle1Value Stream Mapping2Takt Time3Work Load Levelling4SMED55S6Visual Control 6. 6 7. 7 8. Takt Time : Scenarios/ Person Day8Suite AppsAV/Utility AppsGame ApplicationsTRADITIONAL TEST EXECUTIONTAKTTIME2500 ScenariosCustomer wants to test 2000 Unique Apps with 2500 Scenarios at the end of 2 weeks withAvailable time: 2 weeksDemand: 2500 ScenariosTakt time: 250 Scenarios/DayLet us optimally utilize resources in such a way that we produce only 250 scenarios a day. If we follow traditional approach, we will end up extending the schedule. In the traditional approach, we used to go with 3 app scenario/tester day productivity norm. Thus, used to take more time.DAYWISE COMPLETED SCENARIOS250 Scenarios250 Scenarios250 Scenarios250 Scenarios250 ScenariosCONFIDENTIAL Copyright 2005 Wipro Ltd8In traditional approach Productivity norm of 3 scenarios/person day formed the basis to calculate our duration. We used to take 15 to 20 days to complete this TP. 9. Work Load Leveling9Distribute the Apps equally for 2 Weeks (10days) in such a way that every day all category &amp; complexity Apps are coveredSuite AppsUtility/AV AppsGamesHighMediumLowHighMediumLowHighMediumLowTotalDay153222836211782738250Day238278172136282253250Day317213653282238827250Day10XXYYZZAAASAXBXBYBZ250CONFIDENTIAL Copyright 2005 Wipro Ltd9ApplicationComplexityAnalysisResourceProfilingWork Allocation 10. 10Lean Tenant: SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die)IDTask1OS installation1.1Base OS1.2Windows Update1.3System Drivers1.4IE Proxy Setting1.5Media Search2Install Package Pre requisite for GDR2.1Install Offline packages for GDR3Install SP builds4Medusa Setup5MTC Setup6Install Application7Upgrade ScenariosONOFFDisplace System DriversIE ProxyMedia SearchInstall Package Pre RequisiteInstall offline packages for GDRMedusa SetupMTC SetupReduce Media search time got reducedStandardize Formed Setup and Media Team25%25%Setup Reduced to 15 hour from 65 hours (Net Gain of 50 hours per day)50%CONFIDENTIAL Copyright 2005 Wipro Ltd10 11. Lean Tenet : 5S11Utilized 5S to fasten the media search and media availability through out the Test Pass.CONFIDENTIAL Copyright 2005 Wipro Ltd11 12. Lean Tenet: Visual Controls12 13. 262% improvement in productivitySetup Reduced to 15 hour from 65 hours (Net Gain of 50 hours per day)Effective Hardware UtilizationWe have bandwidth to take new features testingHappy Employees.13Program After Lean Implementation 14. 14ByKrishnamurty VG PammiFacebook: Krishnamurty PammiLinked IN: Krishnamurty Pammi</p>


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