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Futureproof your ITSMClaire Agutter

About Me15+ years in IT service managementRoles include help desk, change management, project management, service management implementation, consultancy and trainingLead tutor and director of ITSM Zone, director at Scopism LimitedInterested in anything that helps IT work better

Scopism Limited 2016


Whats driving change?

Sluggish Organisations Customers expect more, fasterProcesses evolve over timeErrors lead to an increased desire for controlMetrics become meaninglessVision is lost

Scopism Limited 2016


Perceptions of ITBureaucraticLikes to say noOld fashionedProcess drivenBut.How IT gets doneContractual requirementsMillions of certified professionals

Scopism Limited 2016

Yes PleaseEnterprises want the results, but not the riskThey need to understand the journey

Scopism Limited 2016


What Now???Oh good.a new management initiative Scopism Limited 2016

What should be on your radarShift LeftDevOps, Rugged DevOps, DevSecOpsAgileAgile service managementLeanThe future

Shift Left - DevShift left testing is an approach to software testing and system testing in which testing is performed earlier in the lifecycle (i.e., moved left on the project timeline). It is the first half of the maxim "Test early and often. Scopism Limited 2016

Shift Left - Ops Scopism Limited 2016Decreasing support costs and impactSelf HelpService Desk/Tier 12nd Line3rd Line

DevOps Scopism Limited 2016

What is it?rather than being a market per se, DevOps is a philosophy, a cultural shift that merges operations with development and demands a linked toolchain of technologies to facilitate collaborative change Gartner

a cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations professionalsDevOps Institute Scopism Limited 2016


Perceptions: DevOps JFDITech drivenDangerous


ExcitingAttractiveThe future

Scopism Limited 2016


CALMSCultureAutomationMetricsSharingLean Scopism Limited 2016

Agile Scopism Limited 2016

Scopism Limited 2016Individuals and interactionsProcesses and toolsWorking softwareComprehensive documentationCustomercollaborationContract negotiationsResponding to changeFollowing a plan

We valueWhile there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left moreOVER

Scrum Pillars Scopism Limited 2016ScrumTransparencyInspectionAdaptation

Agile Service Management Scopism Limited 2016

Agile ITSMTraditional ITSM rollout methods dont always work wellApply Agile principles to ITSM designAllow faster feedbackGet better at process integration Scopism Limited 2016

Lean Scopism Limited 2016

Lean ITSMMore value, less resourcesProcesses focused on customer outcomesMinimise waste

Sound familiar? Scopism Limited 2016

How do you get started? Scopism Limited 2016

CultureLeaders need to define outcomes>>behavioursAgree and measureTrainReinforceImprove

It might get worse before it gets better Scopism Limited 2016

Enterprise level adoptionScary for some large orgsProcurement and business case processes not built for agile ways of workingTeams not used to working autonomouslyGreater demands from end usersShadow IT

Scopism Limited 2016

Process Exploration DaysHack days or Shipit days for processesInnovation isnt just about productsWe can all be explorersRotation days also workCommunities of practiceLunch!

Scopism Limited 2016


Rewarding PeopleUse small rewards often, linked to specific actions Give rewards at unexpected timesReward the behaviour, not just the resultsReward peers, managers and subordinatesReward publicly

Scopism Limited 2016


Find the PurposeCollect stories about the process good, bad, indifferentSelect examples of what you do/dont want to happen in futureFind items that represent storiesCompare the process purpose with the organisational and procedural level purposesAvoid the management jargon Scopism Limited 2016


Agile SM Start PointsLimit WIP and focus teamsWhere does work come from?Autonomy and self-organising teamsFlowInspection Scopism Limited 2016

Agile ITSM: SupportHelpdesk calls = feedbackProblem management = improving daily workIncident management = opportunities for improvementLeverage automation (shift left)

Scopism Limited 2016


Learn from historyWhat have you done thats worked?Have new ways of working always had a business case?

Remember its not a best practice competition

Scopism Limited 2016


Next Steps - Personalhttp://devops.comhttp://devopsinstitute.com/Events: DevOps DaysEvents: DevOps Enterprise SummitBooks: Phoenix ProjectBooks: Lean Start-upTraining: DevOps Foundation, Certified Agile Service Manager Scopism Limited 2016


Takeaways to considerWhat can you learn from how you do ITSM now?Where does innovation live in your organisation?How do Dev and Ops interact?Is your service management agile?Are you doing management or creating value?

Scopism Limited 2016


Any Questions?

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ContactClaire@scopism.comTwitter: @ClaireAgutterLinkedIn: Claire Agutter(07867) 505661

Scopism Limited 2016