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Chances are you didnt get a degree in marketing, because maybe you were focused on becoming an attorney? Law schools seem to skip the chapter on how to actually market your law firm. MyCase welcomes Mary Wenzel, Thomas Jefferson School of Law grad, legal marketing master and founder of Write Law to help you step up your legal marketing game.


  • 1. Kickstart Your Legal MarketingIn One Hour

2. About MyCaseMyCase Web-Based Legal Practice Management SoftwareBuilt as a complete platform, MyCase offers features thatseamlessly cover all the daily functions that a modern, small lawfirm requires in one place at an affordable price.Just $39/month per attorney$29/month per paralegal or staff 3. About MyCaseMyCase WebsitesModern and professional design built for your firmSocial media and blog integrationComplete integration with MyCase practice managementsoftware 4. About Our PresenterMary Wenzel, J.D. Founder of Write Law Hundreds of ghost-written blogsand pages of legal websitecontent Nationally sought-after speakeron topics from marketing towebsite development andbusiness growth Business Mastermind facilitator 1 on 1 marketing consultant Obsessed with: Salted caramels Chardonnay Planning to exercise 5. Where I Started my Legal Career 6. When it came to buyingmarketing -It always felt like wewere being approachedby this guy! 7. Poll #1How many times have you paid for advertising only to feellike you bought snake oil afterwards?1. Never - I am lucky or am just getting started with my marketing.2. Once or twice - I am pretty careful about where I spend mymarketing budget.3. More times than Id like to admit I cant seem to get a handle onwhat is a good investment and what isnt.4. I think all legal marketing is snake oil 8. Kickstart Your Legal Marketing In One HourToday you will learn how to: Select the best marketing channels available Evaluate your marketing service providers Easily track your marketing efforts Make your website a reality Develop targeted content 9. Legal MarketingLets talk about marketing channels: Online Websites Blogs Social Media Review Sites Referral Sites Pay Per Click (PPC) Email Campaigns Videos Webinars Traditional Yellow Pages Billboards TV Ads Radio Commercials Print magazines,newspapers, etc. Attorney Newsletters Speaking Engagements Networking Referral Groups 10. How Do You Pick?Marys non-negotiables:1) In-person networking2) Your website3) Blog4) LinkedIn profile 11. Poll #2How are you guys doing on your four non-negotiables?Do you: Regularly network? Have a website? Have a blog? Have a up-to-date profile on LinkedIn? 12. Poll #3What is your annual marketing budget? Under $2,500 $2,500 - $5,000 $5,000 - $10,000 $10,000 - $20,000 $20,000 + 13. Who is your audience? 14. Free Marketing Channels Social MediaYouTubeYouTube1 BillionFBFacebook1.28 BillionSocial Media UsersTTwitter255 MillionYelp98.1 MillionlnLinkedIn187 MillionGoogle+540 MillionYAvvoAvvo160k attorneys6 million usersG+Your Firms Choices 15. Free Marketing Channels Review SitesYelpGoogle Places 16. Free Marketing ChannelsNetworkingSpeaking Engagements 17. Low Cost Marketing ChannelsEmail MarketingAccording to MailChimp, 1in 5 people open emails frombusinesses identifyingthemselves as "legalservices" and when thatemail contains a link, only3.25% of people will click onit. MailChimp.com 18. Low Cost Marketing ChannelsReferral GroupsVideos 19. Medium & High Cost Marketing ChannelsDirect MailDirect mail response rates ina Business to Consumercontext hover around 4.4%nationally. 20. Medium & High Cost Marketing ChannelsRadioYellow PagesTelevision 21. Making the Best Choice for Your FirmLook at: The strength of your 4 non-negotiables The other marketing you are doing Your budget Where you can get the most bang for your buck 22. Its Time to Evaluate Your ChoicesYou have to ASK questions1. What services are included in your price?2. What is your current turn around time?3. What information do you need from me?4. How many revisions do I get?5. What is the best way for us to communicate?6. Who will be handling my project?7. What kind of training do you provide?Service provider specific resources available at:Write-law.com/getting-started/legal-marketing-resources 23. Tracking Your MarketingYou cant know if something works if you dont set goalsand track your progressWith marketing you want to track: The date The marketing channel The actions taken on that channel The costs to market on that channel The goals of that marketing The results of those marketing efforts 24. Tracking Your Marketing 25. Tracking Your Marketing 26. Poll #4Are you currently tracking your marketing? Yes I do it myself I have a team member who tracks it No 27. Legal WebsitesPage Types Home intro to firm and general mention of practice areas About firm overview or solo attorney bio Bio Pages for each attorney in the firm Practice Areas should tackle 1 practice area per page, no more than 3 max ifthey are related Blog answer client questions, provide updates in the law, share funny stories News/Updates/Successes place for less frequent updates than a blog Contact *Only put a map up if you want to be visited by your clients* 28. Is Your Website Up to Snuff?94% of people cited web design as the reason theymistrusted or rejected a website. ironpaper.com Redesigned every 2 3 years Mobile friendly Cellphones Tablets Up-to-date firm members: Partners Associates Staff Accurate practice area information Accurate contact information 29. Making Your Website a Reality Select and buy your domain nameo Firm Nameo Your Nameo Descriptive terms related to your practice areas and/or geographic location Identify your goals for the siteo New client acquisitiono Reputation boostero Client paymentso Blogo Selling things Set a budget for design & development (this doesnt include content)o DIY: $500 $750 for hosting, logo design, stock image purchases, template & lots of timeo Professional: $1,500 - $10,000 depending on site size, complexity and customization 30. DIY v. ProfessionalDIY ProfessionalRecommended Platforms: WordPress Square Space WixWhat you will need: Domain name Hosting Website Email Logo design Stock photos Headshots Color scheme Content LOTS OF TIMERecommended Platforms: WordPress Square Space Proprietary platformWhat you will need: Domain name Hosting Website Email Headshots Content 31. Website ContentWebsite designers & developers DO NOT provide contentYou have two choices:1. Write it yourself2. Hire a copywriter to write it for you"74 percent of consumers pay attention to the correctnessof the prose on company websites, and 59 percent ofrespondents said they would avoid doing business with acompany thats made obvious errors."realbusiness.co.uk 32. Poll #5Have you written webpage content for your website? I wrote everything on my website I wrote a couple of key pieces, like my bio or a special practicearea page A member of our team wrote it for us I hired a copywriter to write it for me I dont have a website 33. Website Content Title Headnotes (H1) & Sub-headnotes (H2, H3 etc.) Small Paragraphs Bullet Point & Numbered Lists Short Sentences Clear Call to Action Relevant LinksA GOOD WEB PAGE 34. HeaderSmallparagraphsC.T.A.Title 35. Website ContentA GOOD WEB PAGEOverall Length 300 550 wordsTitle Type of subject matter to be covered.Header 1 Include keyword or keyword phrase.Paragraph 1 Intro to subject and how the firm can help.Should include keyword within the first 2 or 3 sentences. 36. Website ContentA GOOD WEB PAGEBody of Page Should contain at least 3 short paragraphs.Practice Area Pages - Should address the most commonquestions clients ask about the serviceContent should be broken into bullet points and1. numbered listsSub-headnotes (h2, h3 etc.) should be used to draw attention toimportant content. 37. Website ContentA GOOD WEB PAGEConclusion Should summarize the main points of the page and endwith a clear call to action.Examples:Personal Injury Firm Contact XYZ law firm today to discuss your personal injury case.We are available at 123-456-7585.Criminal Defense Firm If you or a loved one needs legal representation in a DUI case, callus now. You dont want to lose your right to a DMV hearing. 38. Website ContentQuick TipsYou should never copy content on theinternet. Dont ever do it!www.copyscape.comRemember that your website needs to comply with your statebars ethics requirements: Disclaimers Be careful with:o We if you are a true soloo Case resultso Client testimonialso Specializations 39. Contact UsMary Wenzel(619) 810-7730info@Write-Law.comwww.Write-Law.comMyCaseWeb-Based LegalPractice Management SoftwareMyCase.comMyCase.com/blogsupport@mycase.com(800) 571-806230-Day FREE TrialGet 10% Off Your First 6 Months WithMyCase Using Promo Code: 10MKT14 40. Thank You!