Social Media + Cell Phones @ Work

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1. z presented by Kailee Goold COE Womens Leadership Forum June 26, 2015 2. z active users monthly active users 3. z Hiring Employee Behavior Prevention 4. z PART 1: 5. z Disability Religion Race National Origin Veteran Status Sex Age Association 6. z Dont ask for passwords! 7. z Identify disqualifiers Build defenses Document Have a Process 8. z PART 2: 9. z When can we fire an employee for online behavior? 10. z 11. z Employees cannot be disciplined for engaging in protected concerted activity 12. z Protected Concerted Activity group or spokesperson terms + conditions of workplace 13. z Employees can be fired for non-protected behavior 14. z PART 3: 15. z Must-Have Policies 16. z Lower reasonable expectation of privacy Notice of reasonable access 17. z Distracted Driving Be specific 18. z Working off the Clock 19. z Legal Implications of Flexible Work FLSA FMLA OSHA Privacy Tax Zoning Insurance 20. z GUIDANCE FROM THE NLRB 21. z Bad Policies unprofessional or inappropriate comments identifying as an employee of employer comments about specific employees or work-related issues using social media at work 22. z CAN Prohibit Harassment + discrimination Knowingly posting false information Disclosing confidential or proprietary information 23. z Takeaways 24. z Connect + Stay Informed Kailee Goold Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter 614.462.5479 @KaileeGoold