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  1. 1. t LegalShield gives you the ability to talk to an attorney on any matter without worrying about high hourly costs. traumatic or trivial the issue.
  2. 2. Call 712-432-9190 to listen to an audio guide of this presentation.
  3. 3. made on your behalf reviewed up to 10 pages YourWill Living Will Healthcare Power ofAttorney Pre- - Trial Representationat trial for covered situations
  4. 4. If you were my attorney, what would you charge for these services? * Review themembershipbrochurefor your selectedplanandstateofresidencefor fulldetails on benefits,limitations and exclusions ofthe membership. It is not just about Credit! t Medical t Cyber t Email t Phishing t Social Media t Rental t Bankruptcy t Dumpster Diving t Cell Phone t Charity t Child Support t Government Benefits t Criminal t Utilities t Grants t Insurance t Credit Cards t ID Cloning t Seniors t Children t Social Security t Mail t Passport t Drivers License
  5. 5. The membership covers all the expected benefits t Credit Monitoring with Activity Alerts t Credit Report with Score & Analysis t Credit Report Consultation t Consultation to Help Prevent Identity Theft Plus t Identity Restoration Services t Fraud Alerts t Safeguard for Minors option t Combined with the legal plan creates complete coverage
  6. 6. Peace of mind for only $35.95* per month
  7. 7. t Bank Draft t Debit Card t Credit Card * Membership cost may vary based on the plan you select.
  8. 8. For only your $149 investment includes:
  9. 9. t Your Business in a Box Associate Kit t A Comprehensive Training Program t Support of your sponsor and team t Online access to your office t Associate Support Center t Benefits Plan Membership* * Upon completion of requirements No time? No problem.
  11. 11. Commissions shown represent advances for the $35.95 plan 3 Main ways to get paid 1. $34 $252 Personal Advance 2. $34 $182 Team Override 3. 1% 18% Lifetime Residuals Advancecommissionscreatea debitbalanceand areearned asmembershippaymentsarereceived by thecorporateoffice. See a compensation plan for complete commission information.
  12. 12. 1. $34 advanced immediately on each membership enrolled 2. Fast Start Qualify: an additional $34 advanced on each membership enrolled at the Junior Associate Level. . . AND 3. Advance to Associate level and receive $103 per membership enrolled * 30 days to FastStartQualify.
  13. 13. After that,advancewith 25membershipsales.Amounts Earn Earn shown arefromthe$35.95plan. $207 $345 See a compensation plan for complete advancement information.
  14. 14. For those Associates who want more, we offer additional incentives:
  15. 15. t Monthly bonuses t Exotic trips t Special contests and promotions t Paid over to $1 Billion Associates over the last decade t 1000+ are earning over $50 ,000 a year t Many are earning between
  16. 16. $100,000 and $1,000,000+ per year The earnings reflected demonstrate the range achieved by various Sales Associates. While this range of income is possible, it is not typical and no specific income is guaranteed. Individual incomes will vary depending upon efforts and abilities of the Associate and their Sales Teams. 1. Become a Member
  17. 17. Decide how you want to get paid (daily, weekly or monthly).