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In a Car Accident Now What

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In a Car Accident Now What with

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  • 1.Immediate Medical Examination Of course, the first thing you need to do after an accident occurred is to make sure that the Noone is in emergency medical condition

2. Call The Police Even in case of a minor auto accident it is important to contact the police and cooperated them to prepare full accident report by describing the accident scene and providing them with your account details 3. Exchange Information Gather the details of the other party involved name, address, phone, number, or other contact information driving license number, car registration and insurance policy number. 4. Get Witness information Make sure to ask the accident witness around (if any) to make a written or taped statement describing what happened in details 5. Call The insurance Company It is important that you report the accident to insurance company, even if you do not intend to file a collision Coverage 6. Call A lawyer Calling a road negligence lawyer can help you protects you right and help acquire the proper financial compensation 7. Take Photo of the Accident If you are victim and you want to fight for what is rightfully, your, you will need strong evidence. The best way to collect them is to act immediately by taking photos of the accident site, before your vehicle of the party a fault gets twoed 8. Contact Us