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Theory of alienation in the software industry

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Text of Theory of alienation in the software industry

  • 1. Theory of Alienation in theSoftware Industry Prepared by: Ahmed Mahmoud Misbah

2. Agenda Introduction History Labor Theory of Alienation Alienation in the Software Industry Preventing Alienation 3. INTRODUCTION 4. What is Alienation? A feeling of separation or isolation Separation of things that naturally belongtogether, or to put antagonism betweenthings that are properly in harmony Breaking down traditional relationshipsamong individuals and groups and thegoods and services they produce 5. A simple example 6. A complex exampleProduced byA Lacoste Polo unskilled Shirt thatlaborers thatcosts $79.50 workby the 14 hrs worn per day andrich and earn a 48 cent happy hourly wage 7. HISTORY 8. History of the theory Introduced as a social theory by LudwigFeuerbach in 1841 in his writing TheEssence of Christianity Updated by Karl Marx into the Theory ofLabor Alienation in 1844 in the Economicand Philosophical Manuscripts 9. History of the theory(contd) Its implication on modern society are stilldiscussed by various writers includingGavin M. Edis in 2000 in his writingAlienation in the Work Place 10. LABOR THEORY OFALIENATION 11. Definition In Marxs view, alienation is a symptom ofthe industrial age and of capitalism A worker on a production line sees onlythe part of the work that he is involved with He has no knowledge or control over thefinal product that is produced and sold 12. Definition (contd) The workman has no relationship with the goodsthat he is producing He is alienated from his own labor He works purely for the money There is no satisfaction in the work that he does 13. Forms of Labor Alienation1. The worker is alienated from the product of his labor2. The worker is also alienated from the labor process 14. Forms of Labor Alienation (contd)3. The worker faces alienation from other workers4. The worker is alienated from himself 15. ALIENATION IN THESOFTWARE INDUSTRY 16. Does the theory applyhere? Developers are like workers in anassembly line The process of developing software issimilar to producing products The final product is a result of assemblingevery developers work 17. Alienation from theproduct Software does not further a developersquality of life (financially, technically,socially, etc.) Software is not always owned or used bythe developer 18. Alienation from the Labor Process Confidentiality in projects No involvement or choice in softwaredevelopment process, solutionarchitecture, technology stack, etc. Heavily relying on black box frameworks 19. Alienation from other workers No involvement or interaction with customers Gap between developer and manager Not attending sessions and training courses Not attending conferences and events 20. Alienation from onesself A result of all previous forms of alienations Leads to: De-motivation Loss of confidence Inability to lead Inability to take decisions Completion with tools 21. PREVENTING ALIENATION 22. How can we prevent alienation? Alienation from the Product: Consider the benefits and implications of projects ondevelopers Appeal to developers benefits Lecture developers on the value of their work Find means of reward and appreciation 23. How can we preventalienation? (contd) Alienation from Labor Process: Initiate discussions in the process and tools used todevelop the software Maintain transparency Internal kickoffs Promote use of open-source 24. How can we preventalienation? (contd) Alienation from other workers: Conduct regular sessions for knowledge transfer Encourage attending events Deliver training Customer interaction Frequent 1:1 meetings Frequent department meetings Gatherings 25. How can we preventalienation? (contd) Alienation from ones self: Prevent all previous forms of alienation Look towards developers as future leadersand decision makers not current followers A Developer is not a code producer but aproblem thinker 26. Thank you Question ?