Corporate reporting workshop - 2014

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<ol><li> 1. WorkshopCorporate Reporting KWD Webranking Forum 23 January 2014 </li><li> 2. I am Staffan Lindgren </li><li> 3. Who are you? </li><li> 4. Introduction to workshopFood for thought </li><li> 5. What is happening in the world?InternetSmart Phones iPad Mobile PhonesCD-ROM PCs Cable TV VCRs Satellite TV Color TV Mainframe Computers Radio TV CinemaSource RISI, Jaakko Pyry, PPPC </li><li> 6. Advertising revenue for US newspapers declines fastSource US Newspaper Advertising Revenue Newspaper Association of America published data </li><li> 7. A few different ways of delivering online reports today Online ReportComplete annual, quarterly or other report including financials and notes, in a mobile and desktop friendly format.Hybrid reportOnline report where financials are available in PDF only.Online PDFPDF viewer allowing the user to go from page to pageDigital Publication Digital document published as an app through Newsstand, Google Play or for Windows 8 tablets. </li><li> 8. What are companies using today? 97%Latest report as PDF 27 % of total have relevant bookmarks31,1%Online Report, with financial tables in HTML3,6%Hybrid Reports with financials in PDF28,1%Post links to reports to social mediaSource KWD Webranking 2013-2014 </li><li> 9. Why did we end up here? </li><li> 10. You start with a print Annual Report </li><li> 11. Digital version of a print product Produced after the real printed Annual Report is released Text and content is written for print Graphs and illustrations are copied with low resolution and becomes hard to read Because of cost hybrid solutions are used where financial tables are only provided in PDF format Viewed as an extra cost outside of the Annual Report budget </li><li> 12. All the weaknesses from print and digital media combined </li><li> 13. ? Why do we have an Annual Report? </li><li> 14. For who? </li><li> 15. When are they going to use it? </li><li> 16. Where are they going to use it? </li><li> 17. What is our message? </li><li> 18. How are we going to produce it? </li><li> 19. Why Annual Reports? Annual Report 1991-Information to our shareholders Most important document for analysts Listing requirement Historical document telling our story of the year and how we view the futureWhat? Complete and comprehensive magazine styled document that is sent by post to all shareholders and other stakeholders </li><li> 20. Behaviors changedWhat brought us here, wont take us there Annual Report 2013Analyst focus shifted to quarterly reports Pace of information in society has changed Digital revolution We read on ipads Where we read has changedIs the answer a printed magazine distributed by post? </li><li> 21. What is the answer today?? Why do we produce an Annual Report?For whom? When is it being used?Where is it used? What is our story?How are we going to produce it? </li><li> 22. Open forumLet us discuss </li><li> 23. Why do we make corporate reports today? </li><li> 24. Print? </li><li> 25. Digital Publication vs Online Report </li><li> 26. Reports vs Corporate Site </li><li> 27. One Report vs Many reports and communication tools </li><li> 28. How do we reach our audience?</li></ol>


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