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WordPress - Multilingual Theme Customization

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WPGlobus is a family of multilingual plugins for WordPress.

With the help of WPGlobus, you can build multilanguage websites and blogs, so the site visitors will be able to read the same page in alternative language, by simply choosing it from the menu.

WPGlobus is developed and supported by TIV.NET INC., an Ontario (Canada) corporation.

CASE STUDY:ThemeZerif Lite

Zerif's presentation page has several text elements.

Those elements are stored in the `wp_options` database table and are editable via the WordPress Customizer interface.

The WPGlobus Translate Options extension is used to translate the `wp_options` table content.

Zerif stores its options under the theme_mods_zerif-lite name

We have prepared the WPGlobus configuration file for Zerif Lite theme.

It describes all editable options.

The file should be placed to the languages/themes folder.

Having the configuration file, WPGlobus shows the language switcher icon in the Customizer.

Click on the icon will show the field placeholders for the alternative languages.

When you fill in the translations, they will temporarily appear with the {:} language delimiters.

Do not worry. The texts will become normal after the screen refresh.

Switch the preview language using the WPGlobus menu or widget.

Then, to refresh the screen, click on any menu item and after that on the ZERIF logo, to see the front page, translated.

After the preview refresh, the Customizer screen will look like this.

Continue filling in all options in all languages....

.... and finally, the entire front page will become multilingual!

Thank you for using WPGlobus!

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