TYPO3 Camp Poznan - Solr Usecases with Hosted Solr

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This is a presentation of Hosted Solr as a Search as a Service component for your CMS or Web Application. We also showcase some of the TYPO3 Solr implementations made by us and other TYPO Community members.

Text of TYPO3 Camp Poznan - Solr Usecases with Hosted Solr

  • 1. http://www.dkd.de

2. dkddesignkommunikationdevelopment 3. Hosted SolrTYPO3Camp Poland 2014!Olivier Dobberkaudkd Internet Service GmbH 4. About Hosted SolrHosting your Solr search indexesSearch as a serviceIntegration for third-party applicationsBuilt by the guys behind EXT:solr 5. About Hosted Solr 6. Our motivationApache Solr is the best open-sourcesearch available todayUsage is easyinstallation and management is a pain 7. What we do for youWe manage and setup your Search indexesWe take care of security issuesIntegration for several third-partyapplications including TYPO3 8. How can I use Hosted Solr?Create an account on www.hosted-solr.comYou can test our service for one monthfor freeCreating a search index takes just one minute: 9. How can I use Hosted Solr?Integration in your application is easyWe provide the needed configuration for you: 10. Our plans for the futureSupport more third-party applicationsImprove UIYour own solr schemaSchema LinterWorld Domination :-) 11. Some Usage of EXT:solrTYPO3.orghttp://www.typo3.orgSearching the many Pages & NewsTER SearchCrawling the documentation (non TYPO3Pages) 12. Some Usage of EXT:solrSartoriushttp://www.sartorius.comOnline Catalogue with over 400.000 Products!AKADhttps://www.akad.de/Find the right educational course for you 13. Some Usage of EXT:solrAmsterdam School of Artshttp://www.ahk.nl/en/amsterdam-school-of-the-arts/Facets use to show different faculty resultsOrganisation for the Prohibition of ChemicalWeapons (opcw)http://www.opcw.org/Nobel Prized Search :-) 14. Questions? 15. dkddesignkommunikationdevelopmentThank you.