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1. Movie release date: 15th July 2013Genre: HorrorDirector: James WanAudience:The audience for The Conjuring are 15 years olds and above. The agerating for the film is a 15 and this shows that it is suitable for this age.The age rating is suitable for the film content as 15 year olds andabove will find amusement out of the film and will enjoy thesupernatural elements of the film. It is also suitable as any age belowthe rating may not enjoy the film as the supernatural element to thefilm may creep the viewers of this age out and it can be disturbing forthe younger ages.Genre:The genre for the film is a horror film, butspecifically a supernatural horror. It is asupernatural horror as it includes clips and scenesof unusual activity. The supernatural element isseen to come from a doll that is kept in the houseand it spooks and scares the family that move intothis house. 2. Mise-En-Scene:Lightning- The lighting within the trailer is mainly very dark as this helps to make the filmscarier as you cannot always see what is about to happen. It also builds suspense and theaudience become scared as in some clips, the audience cannot see what is about to happenand the clip suddenly cuts with sound so the audience is waiting for something to happenthat may scare them. This also builds adrenaline for the audience. Most of the film is filmedin dark rooms and the only light that is shining it the one from the camera.Props- The main prop that is used in the trailer is the use of cameras to film what is goingon in the house. Another main prop is a child's toy which you open up and the mirror partof it spins like a piece of equipment that hypnotises people. The use of a child's toy here isvery powerful as children are seen as innocent and harmful, yet in the film it shows theopposite as there is a ghost like figure which is mean to be a child that haunts the familyand becomes harmful to others.Sound- There are many different sounds which are presented in the movie trailer of Theconjuring. The majority of the sound is coming from the talking of the actors describing theplot of the film but there is also a very quiet piece of music playing over the top of thenarrative. This piece of music links to the genre of the trailer but it also builds suspense forthe audience. This piece of music played is not like any other piece of music. It is more likehigh pitched screeching sounds and other sounds put togeyher to make a piece of music.The unusual music links to the trailer as the audience does not know what is going tohappen and cannot predict the storyline as much as they cannot predict how the music willflow. 3. Editing:Through the editing of the trailer, they use a varietyof different techniques. One of the techniques thatthey use is through the colour of the clips and thiscomes with post production. In some of the clipsthey edit them so that they are showing black andwhit e images or so that they are sepia. This helps toadd mystery to the house and it gives an old effectalso. When the photos are falling off the wall due tothis supernatural object the clip is edited to abrownish colour through the sepia effect. Thisrelates to the story of the trailer as the supernaturalghost is meant to be old and so the colour of the clipat this point reflects the age of the ghost and showshow long the supernatural element has been therefor.Through the fluency of the trailer, there are manyjump cuts from one clip to another to make themlink together. The clips jump very quickly buildingtension and showing to the audience that all of theevents happen so quickly that it is hard to doanything about the actions. This also fits with themusic of the trailer.Camera:The camera angles used in the film are mainly closeups as they show the clips of peoples faces and theirreactions to the supernatural elements within thefilm. This helps to give the audience a feel of theatmosphere of the film. There are also quite a fewsetting shots, for example a clip of door and thecamera at the end of the hallway with the door atthe other end of the hallway. These shots help to setthe scene for the audience giving them an idea ofwhat the house looks like and also these setting slipsreveal the supernatural elements to the house andthis also sets the plot for the trailer. 4. Narrative theoryIn the film the conjuring, there are many theories that can be appliedto the trailer due to the format and the structure of the film and alsothe story line.The first theory that you can apply the trailer to is Levi Straussstheory. This is the theory that media texts often representscharacters as binary opposites such as good and evil. In the trailerthere are two binary opposites presented. The first characterpresented is good and the good character comes from the familythat move into the house. The family are seen as innocent as theymove into this new house and have no idea what is about to happento them all. The evil character represented in the trailer is from thesupernatural element. Although this is not exactly a character it ispresented as a character as it causes so much harm to the family andit is a horrible element to the film.Another theory that links to the film is Angela McRobbies theory.This is the theory of how women and men are usually presented infilms and their characteristics. She discovered that women areusually seen as weak and vulnerable and the men are seen as strongand brave having a lot of leadership. This links to the trailer as in thefilm the women are presented as McRobbie discovers. It follows thenorms of a typical woman character. In a part of the film there is ayoung girl laying in bed and the trailer shows a clip where thespirit/supernatural element tries to drag her out of bed by her legs.The idea that the young girl was chosen to be dragged out of bedemphasises her vulnerability and how weak she is compared to amale target.48th second of the trailer- whenthe girl gets dragged out of bed.