State of the Market: Bitcoin in Gambling

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Jon MatonisFounding DirectorBitcoin Foundation

State of the Market:Bitcoin in Gambling

Future Prediction Within 5 years, half of the top ten iGaming operators will be bitcoin-only.

Bitcoin Is Ideal Digital Casino Chip ImmediacyPrivacyIrreversibility

Disruption Comes From Your Blind Spot Bitcoin is the competitive wedge in gambling (new unit of account)Legacy structures become bypassed and new markets open upDisruption doesnt come from within (Uber, AirBnB, Expedia, Samsung)

Disruption Comes From Your Blind Spot Bitcoin payments and pay-outs are ideal for unregulated marketsProvably fair cryptographic techniques replace dependency on eCOGRANo bank accounts required

Evolution of Bitcoin Gaming (2010-15) 1. Rewards based MMORPG

2. Early wagering precursors

3. Professional content and bookmaking

4. Blended operations (future?)

Bitcoin Statistics in iGaming In past 24 hours, $15.3 million was wagered over 27.1 million bitcoin bets

-@TheBitcoinStrip (14-Mar-2015)

Over 40% of bitcoin transaction volume today is related to payments for online gaming

Bitcoin Statistics in iGaming There are currently over 150 bitcoin-only gaming operators worldwideBitcoin gaming operators lead the web advertising market with 50%+ ads100% of countries can be reached via the bitcoin payment option

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