SmallWorlders intranet engagement conference - Designing an intranet for engagement

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  • How To Design for EngagementSimon JonesHead of Design & UX

  • Who wants something on the homepage?

  • Who wants something on the homepage?

  • Who wants social?

  • Who wants a blog?

  • So how do we achieve this?

  • It is about the process

  • Presentation overview

  • Presentation overview

  • Stakeholders Platforms / Content Data

  • StakeholdersStakeholder Interviews

    - Describe the platform- Business needs?- Who are the users?- What does success equal?- How will you measure it?

  • Describe the platform

    Social, communityFinding peopleSharing content from markets

    What are the business needs?

    Finding filesAccessing Assets / guidelines

    StakeholdersDe Beers

  • Stakeholders

    De Beers

  • Platforms / Content

    Current quantity/quality Past successes / failures New content frequency New/Future Platforms

  • Data Engagement statistics Benchmark data Content usage Enthusiasts vs Skeptics

    Oct/Nov 2012

    Dec 2012 May 2013 Aug 2013

    Jan 2013

  • Users Find out what they do (and why)

    WHAT Data/AnalyticsWHAT HeatmapsWHAT Usability StudiesWHAT Contextual Research

    WHY InterviewsWHY Surveys

  • Users

    HeinekenA platform to Capture & Report Market Brand Plan information

  • Users

    HeinekenGoals: 1: More efficient (easier) input2: More markets using the tool

    Research:Combined remote usability studies and user interview

  • Users


    I cant delegate as I dont know whats required

    No indication of effort or timing required

    Nicer than excel

    Easy and intuitive

  • Users

    HeinekenBiggest impact on these goals? 1: More efficient 2: More markets

    Welcome Pack Where/Who to get the data Expected Timing Data requirement

    (XL Templates)

  • Users

    NHS Stakeholders:Front line staff have limited access to PCs, they need mobile

    Quantitive Survey:

    Your ideal intranetWhat would you find most useful

  • Users


  • Users

  • Presentation overview

  • Generate Ideas Prioritise Sketch

  • Generate Ideas

  • Prioritise

    Re-visit business needs and user priorities and sort:

    Must have Nice to have Future

  • Sketching exercise

    Find some A4 paper and pens

    Choose a section page or homepage.

    1 minute to draw 2 versions (30 seconds each)


    2 minutes to draw 1 version


  • Presentation overview

  • EngagementOrganise must-haves

  • EngagementOrganise must-haves

  • Engagement EasyNavigation, search, mobile, naming conventions, UX & usability

    Essential & ExclusiveDirectories, transactions, assets, guidelines, reference materials, learning, comms, tools

    Organise must-haves

  • EngagementOrganise must-haves

    Useful & Interesting Personalisation, regular turnover, basic social feedback, use of video

    LikeableVisually appealing, help & support, UX & usability

  • EngagementOrganise must-haves

    ContributionPosting & sharing content.

    VisibilityBlogs, expertise, videos

    LeadershipDiscussions, platform evolution, peer-to-peer support, company improvement

  • Presentation overview

  • Scope Consider: What can be done What should be done

    Within: Timescales Budget

  • Presentation overview

  • Site Architecture

  • Site Architecture

    Card Sort

  • Site Architecture

    Card Sort

  • Open Sort Group into 5-10 groups Name the groups

    List of 20-50 pages15-100 users

    Site Architecture

    Card Sort

    Decide on 5-8 groups Plain English Mutually exclusive Cover everything

    Closed Sort Provide 5-8 group names Place within groups

  • Wireframes & Prototype

  • Inside-out

    1. Content Pages 2. Section pages3. Homepage

    Wireframes & Prototype

  • Test What does this page do? What do you expect to

    happen next?

    Lo-fi / Digital Print-out Online prototype (Axure)

    Wireframes & Prototype

  • Visual Design

  • If youve followed the process This part should be simple You can start to build before the

    visuals are complete (Agile) Your site and functionality will be

    Engagement first

    Visual Design

  • Status updates Social (out of context) Discussion forums CEO blogs

    Directories Transactional Services HR documents Career Development News & Events

    Re-arrange prioritiesHigher


  • Useful linksOnline Card Sorting

    UX Basics (book)Search for Smashing UX Design: Foundations for Designing Online User Experiences

    Great Intranets:Smallworlders.comSearch for 2015 Intranet Design Annual

  • Thank you

    How To Design for EngagementSimon JonesHead of Design & UXSlide Number 2Slide Number 3Slide Number 4Slide Number 5So how do we achieve this? Slide Number 7Slide Number 8It is about the processSlide Number 10Slide Number 11Presentation overviewPresentation overviewSlide Number 14Slide Number 15Slide Number 16Slide Number 17Slide Number 18Slide Number 19Slide Number 20Slide Number 21Slide Number 22Slide Number 23Slide Number 24Slide Number 25Slide Number 26Slide Number 27Presentation overviewSlide Number 29Slide Number 30Slide Number 31Slide Number 32Presentation overviewSlide Number 34Slide Number 35Slide Number 36Slide Number 37Slide Number 38Presentation overviewSlide Number 40Presentation overviewSlide Number 42Slide Number 43Slide Number 44Slide Number 45Slide Number 46Slide Number 47Slide Number 48Slide Number 49Slide Number 50Slide Number 51Slide Number 52Slide Number 53Slide Number 54