Shredding the Wireframe with Rapid UX Prototyping

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Shredding the Wireframe: Intro to Rapid UX Prototyping

Shredding the WireframeIntro to Rapid UX PrototypingKyle Outlaw / Group Experience Director @Razorfish

(K) Welcome to Shredding the Wireframe. [Intros] In this session we want to talk about methods for rapid prototyping that weve been using here at Razorfish. Note about timing: 40 to an hour (not 3 hours!)0

To Shred */SHred/*1

Tear or cut into shreds."shredded documents

Play a very fast, intricate style of rock lead guitar. We want to hear everything from country and western to blisteringly fast guitar shredding"As defined by Google

(K) 1

AgendaPart 1: Intro the death of wires, the rise of prototypingPart 2: Challenge question and sketchingShort Break Part 3: Invision app tutorialPart 4: Usability testing Part 5: Show and tell, Q&A2

(J) 2

Who the f* are we?3Kyle Outlaw

GXD at RazorfishClients: Mercedes-Benz, Smart Car, Motorola, UNIQLO, AXESpecialties: responsive design, digital commerceTwitter: @koutlaw

Rachel Lovinger*Special Guest/timecop*XD at RazorfishClients: Mercedes, EMC, The Hollywood Reporter, Travel Channel, MetLife, American Red CrossSpecialties: content strategy, content modelingTwitter: @rlovinger

(J) 3

Some Questions for You!

How many people here do you UX or are responsible for UX on their projects?How many people are new to user experience?Who here has done some form of prototyping before?Who here at one time or another was either in a band or wanted to be in a band? 4

Part 1The Death of Wireframes and the Rise of the Prototype5

(J) 5



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