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  2. 2. WHY PREPARE A SEO PLAN? Overview To The Client: 1) Details of the services we would be offering during our tenure. 2) The current status of the website. Goals To Be Achieved: 1) The tasks to be accomplished which includes: SEO, SMO, Advertisements, Email Marketing, Print Marketing Materials etc.
  3. 3. COMPONENTS OF A PLAN: 1) Major Errors Present On A Website. 2) Immediate Errors That Need Attention. 3) Other SEO Details. 4) Titles & Meta Descriptions. 5) Ranking Report. 6) SMO Strategy. 7) Google Ad-words Campaign & Facebook Ads campaign. 8) Print Marketing Materials & Coupons. 9) Off Page Marketing. 10) Blog Marketing. 11) Seller Engines. (if applicable)
  4. 4. MAJOR ERRORS SEO BASICS STATUS REMARKS Backlinks Present/ Absent Submitted or Not Importance/ Changes required, Excel Reports if necessary Broken links P/A Importance/ Changes required, Excel Reports if necessary W3 Errors P/A Importance/ Changes required, Excel Reports if necessary Image alt tags P/A Names, importance & changes required, Excel Reports if necessary Duplicate Content P/A Importance/ Changes required, Excel Reports if necessary
  5. 5. IMMEDIATE ERRORS SEO BASICS STATUS REMARKS Robots.txt Present/ Absent Importance/ Changes required, Explain in Detail XML Sitemap Present/ Absent Submitted or Not Importance/ Changes required Google Analytics P/A Importance/ Changes required Google Webmaster Tools P/A Importance/ Changes required SEO Plugins P/A Names, importance & changes required
  6. 6. OTHER SEO DETAILS SEO BASICS STATUS REMARKS Head Tags Found/ Absent Importance, Explain Errors Text/Html Ratio % . A ratio between 25 and 70 percent is idea Links: Inbound & Outbound # Importance, Describe Errors Redirection 301/302 Importance, Describe Errors Permalinks Clean/Errors Importance, Describe Errors Favicon P/A Importance, Describe Errors Custom 404 Page P/A Importance, Describe Errors Load Time Desktop #seconds Importance, Describe Errors
  7. 7. URL BEST PRACTICES Common URL Elements 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1. Protocol 2. Subdomain 3. Root Domain 4. Top-Level Domain 5. Subfolder/Path 6. Page 7. Parameter 8. Named Anchor
  8. 8. SEO TIPS FOR URLS 1) Choose shorter, human-readable URLs with descriptive keywords 2) Exclude dynamic parameters when possible (see Canonicalization and Pagination) 3) When possible, place content on the same subdomain to preserve authority Recommended: Less Ideal:
  9. 9. OTHER SEO DETAILS SEO BASICS STATUS REMARKS High quality links: # Importance/ Changes required IP canonicalization Passed/Failed Importance/ Changes required Mobile Compatibility Passed/Failed Importance/ Changes required
  10. 10. TITLES & DESCRIPTIONS Page Name URL Current Title Length Current Description Length Home abc 25 def 111 Inference 1: The titles and Meta descriptions are not appropriate and do not have the keywords or the proper format needed. Complete optimization of titles and descriptions is needed Inference 2: The titles and Meta descriptions are not optimized. Inference 3: The titles and Meta descriptions seem appropriate, however few keywords and titles need to be worked on based on the webmaster query report.
  11. 11. Keyword Position Design 1 on page 1 Designer 2 on page 3 Designing 5 on page 6 Designers 6 on page 10 REPORTING (SERP) Describe to the client, where is his website positioned currently and how it will mentioned in the SERP results.
  12. 12. SMO STRATEGY 1) Platforms To Be Used. 2) Profiles Already Present/To Be Made For A Website. 3) Client Requirements (Decide what He Wants). 4) No. of Posts Daily, etc.
  13. 13. SMO STRATEGY CONT Present Profiles URL STATUS FB No. of Likes, Last Activity details Twitter No. of Followers, Last Activity Details Profiles To Be Made Importance Instagram --- Linkedin ---
  14. 14. SMO STRATEGY CONT Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Linkedin No. of Posts/day Tweets/Day Posts/Day Pins/Day Posts/Day Image Posts etc Retweets etc Image Posts etc Image Posts etc Image Posts etc More More More More More
  15. 15. TOOLS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA 1) Hootsuite: For Posts scheduling, tweet scheduling, G+ scheduling. 2) Buffer: Share awesome content across the net with social media friends and followers.
  16. 16. EMAIL MARKETING: 1) Sign up for Mail-Chimp or Constant Contact as the email marketing provider. 2) Create custom email campaign for maximum lead generation. 3) Pop up subscription forms on websites with Mail-Chimp integration.
  17. 17. GOOGLE AD-WORDS/ FACEBOOK ADS 1) Setting up campaigns 2) Finalizing keywords/budget. 3) Decide between CPC/CPM.
  18. 18. PRINT MARKETING MATERIALS AND COUPONS 1) Print brochures art work 2) Design banner ads 3) Design and market coupons or specials like back to school specials, create the coupons and market it on various social media channels. 4) Design fliers, ads etc.
  19. 19. OFF PAGE MARKETING Practice Importance Search Engine Submission Visibility, etc Directory Submission Backlinks, etc Social Bookmarking ---- Blog Bookmarking ---- Image Submission ---- Video Submission ---- Image Sharing ---- Article Submission ---- PDF Submissions ---- Classified Ads ---- PPT Submission ---- Pinterest Pin Sharing ----
  20. 20. OFF PAGE MARKETING CONT. Website PR Status Details 1 # Submitted/Pending Username, etc 2 # 3 # Date:--/--/--
  21. 21. BLOG MARKETING: 1) Number of blog posts monthly to client for approval. 2) Supporting Images (Shutterstock), we have a paid account for that (no issues of copyright). 3) Sharing on article sites like ezinearticles, dmoz, etc. 4) Sharing them via social platforms.
  22. 22. SELLER ENGINES: 1) Get customers in no time. 2) Initial ranking not necessary.
  23. 23. USEFUL TOOLS USE NAME Title/Description Count, Header Tag Analysis, etc. SEO Quake Browser Extension Broken Link . Duplicate Content. Backlink Check. Google webmaster Tool Link Counter: Inbound/ Outbound. http://linkcounter.submitexpress.c om/ links-count-checker/
  24. 24. USE NAME Website Load-time Desktop Website Load-time Mobile (Register To Get Mobile Time) W3 Error FOXY SEO TOOL Firefox Extension All in one SEO extension, having almost every above mentioned tools. Initial Site Analysis
  25. 25. USEFUL RESOURCES Topic URL Complete SEO Cheat Sheet 2015 - MOZ sheet Technical Site Audit Checklist: 2015 Edition - MOZ audit-for-2015 SEO For Beginners SMO: Basics To Expert category/social-media-marketing/
  26. 26. USEFUL RESOURCES Topic URL Google Analytics Report : How to Read 3ONXJn9FQ m/explorer Info-Graphic Creation