How to sell your products online

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How to sell your products on the Internet


  • 1. Welcome to our WebinarSelling Your Products OnlinePresented by: John Duffield

2. Welcome to our Webinar! This webinar is about Selling your ProductsOnline and is the second series of webinars thatI am doing. The webinar will go for about 1-hour dependingon how may questions you may have during andat the end of the session. First let me cover how you can interact with me 3. How to Interact with Me You will see a small control panel over to right ofyour screen. First, there is an orange arrow that shows orhides the control panel. Also you will see a yellow hand when you clickon this this tells me you have a question. I can then turn on your audio to hear your question. Or alternatively you type your question in the smallerchat area. 4. What we are covering today How to build your own website How to use widgets and plug-ins How to set up for SEO on your site How to use social media in your businessIf you have any questions along the way, either send me a text (withchat) or click on the yellow hand to speak to me about your question 5. How to build your website Idea for your site Domain name (.com,, .net) That domain name needs to be hosted on the web Decide on a web-building platform/process Do yourself (wordpress, joomla, drupal) Pay someone to this all for you Decide on your e-commerce set-up Quick website build demo 6. How to decide on what website to have There are a number of choices here: Portfolio site - Product rich sites Examples Static site Lots of text, few images boring! e-commerce site Amazon, e-bay - Example Remember people are attracted to images! 7. How to set-up for SEO Search Engine Optimisation. You need to be found. Traffic and conversions is the lifeblood of youronline business. Keywords are the foundation of your site. 8. How to choose the right keywords Having a great looking website counts fornothing if you dont get much traffic! Build it and they will come? I dont think so! It really all starts here Careful keyword selection and analysis is vital Starting with your domain name Then your home page keyword (and related words) Then each page and blog post that you develop 9. The right keywords - continued Find a good keyword Analyse it with Google Adwords tool Check the keyword within Google Apply the Secret Sauce This is the ultimate test of a keyword! Find other related keywords Keyword density maximum use of keyword 3% 10. The right keywords - continued Start with a Google Account Free Start using the Google Adword Keyword Tool Register for Google Analytics Keywords, looking for Relevance Traffic Level of competition Commerciality 11. Typical Web Page Structure KFCP = KeywordFocused Content Page 12. How to use widgets & plug-ins Why use widgets? Where should I put them? How do I install them? Example 1 Site Example Site Example2 13. Social Media Social proof Consumers are more and more savvy about who andwhere they purchase products from. People will take the time to research online beforemaking a purchase. By having a social media presence that is bothengaging and engaged it helps reassure clients thatyour business is reputable and can be trusted 14. Social Media Humanizes your brand Social media gives your business the opportunity toreach out and actually connect with your audience. Real one to one relationships. 15. Social Media Builds your sphere of influence Your sphere of influence is the people in and aroundyour brand that you interact with. There will always be key people of influence in yourniche so spend some time getting to know them. Watch and learn how they engage their audienceand then start engaging with them. When you manage to develop a relationship withthese key people of influence it impacts on yoursphere of influence, people will see it and this toowill help build your credibility online. 16. Social Media The Google Effect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have high Page Rank. This means that in terms of the search engines likeGoogle and Bing that they carry authority andtherefore get good rank in search results. Having a well optimized social media profile onFacebook or LinkedIn can help you command searchresult places for your brand name or search termsrelated to your business. This provides more ways for clients to get in contactwith you. 17. Social Media Which Ones Facebook Twitter Google Plus YouTube RSS Example 18. Questions? Any questions from todays session? Click on the yellow hand on your control panel ifyou have! 19. Future Sessions This concludes this webinar series. More to come, I will notify you with the details. If you have any thoughts on what you would likethe future sessions on please drop me an email. Thank you for your interest in these webinars!