How to make a wordpress website and earn 100$ from affiliate money

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Steps to setup a Wordpress website for a beginner. Implement these easy instructions and secure your dream of having your website. Pick the niche accordingly and earn megabucks from online advertising. Plugins can be downloaded from this link:



2. Module 1 OverviewIn this module we will cover quickly researching a profitable niche with low competition and high search volume, while also picking great keywords that will bring 1000s of visitors organically. No fancy tools are required, this is straight forward, and can be done within 10 minutes or so.Whilst other courses, may make you jump through hoops, and dig down to micro niches, this is not required in this course. Ive done this hundreds of times, and every single time, it has yielded a fantastic result that has brought me thousands of dollars.These modules are designed to be short, straight to the point, without any fluff so that you can start building your sites straight away, and get the money rolling in.P a g e 1 | 28 3. Getting StartedThe First Step is to head on over to Googles keyword planner. You will need a Google Adwords account to access the new keyword planner, this is free and will take a few minutes if you do not already have one. For the purpose of this module, I will assume you already have one and you are now logged in.There are several ways of generating Niche ideas. I personally like to pick a topic that I am interested about, such as gaming. I suggest you use gaming as an example for your first website, and then branch out to other niches.The key to picking an initial niche, is to think of something as broad as possible, that millions enjoy and are a part of. So anything like a Popular TV Show, Game, Or Sport is perfectly fine to begin with. Just keep in mind, it has to be current, and by current, I mean on-going for a good period, such as a year or more.Theres no point in picking a Specific Movie, as after the release, it will decrease in popularity over a very short period, whereas if you picked a game, such as call of duty, it will last for years. For example, Millions still play the original call of duty games Even though new call of duty games are released every year or so.You really want to find a niche that people are engaged in for long periods of time, there is no point creating a site around something that does not have an active following on a massive scale. You would barely see any traffic or results.If your stuck for an initial broad niche, a great source you can use is Digital Trends. The site has a broad array of information, such as the most anticipated games of 2014. Just search around, Until you find a Niche that appeals to you.Having an interest in the niche and basic knowledge, will give you a better edge, So, this is why I will be using gaming as a base example for this module.P a g e 2 | 28 4. Picking Your NicheI found a list of the most anticipated video games of 2014 on Digital Trends. I am now going to go into the process of picking an individual game, whilst making sure it will be extremely popular for at least a year after launch. I highly recommend that you pick a Niche that is NOT Released yet this is because you will miss the pre-launch hype, which means, you wont get as much traffic.By pre-launch hype, I mean people searching for the latest information on that niche, so in this example, people will be searching for the latest news for a specific video game, such as weapon information, map information, and anything else to give them an edge over other gamers once launched.If you skipped the pre-launch, and went for a game that is already released, then yes, you will still get people looking for the latest news, but no where near as many during the pre-launch stage. Trust me, Ive tried both, and picking an upcoming niche/game is by far the most profitable way to go.This applies to all niches, not just gaming. For example, If you picked game of thrones, the next series or episode will always be highly anticipated, thus driving huge traffic your way.Anyways, head over to Keyword Planner, and Enter your chosen niche.As you can see, I picked Titanfall. It has 301,000 Searches a month and has Low Competition. Which is exactly what we are looking for! (High searches, Low Competition)P a g e 3 | 28 5. If you hover over the little graph icon as shown below, it will bring up the search trends, which is a very useful into whether or not a niche is growing in popularity or decreasing.If it is decreasing significantly, id suggest moving onto another niche.Now, we need to dig out a few Keywords that we can use. To do this, switch to keyword group view in the planner, and check out a keyword group related to your original keyword.Click it to bring up individual search volumes and information.Now just arrange them by search volume, and copy down the top 5 keywords.P a g e 4 | 28 6. For extra keywords, with possibly higher search volumes. You want to type in 10 extra keywords, related to your niche. Here are several I use, when Suggested keyword Volumes quite low.TipsHacksCheats Walkthrough HelpNewsInfoPC Ebook GuideSo for example :Has now brought up a new related keyword, with decent search volume.So, Id copy that down, Making sure to add it to the top of my list, as its the highest search volume.And thats all you need to do for niche research. Dig down, and find suggested keywords, closely related to your niche with a decent search volume.P a g e 5 | 28 7. Good Niche Recap- 100,000+ Monthly Searches- Pre-Launch Stage- Graph Trend IncreasingProcess Recap1. Pick a General Niche that you are passionate about and/or use Digital Trends.2. Pick the most popular sub-niche from Digital Trends.3. Use that Niche in Google Keyword Planner, to Find search Volume and Comp.4. Dig Down into niche if viable, and Pick 5-10 Highest Search Volume Keywords.P a g e 6 | 28 8. Module 2 OverviewIn this module we will continue Domain setup, So that it is niche relevant, and has one of your keywords in it for a possible SEO Boost. I personally use Namecheap for all my domains, but you are welcome to use which ever registrar you wish.Before we proceed, Make sure you have completed module 1, and have several keywords picked out already.This module is quite short, and shouldnt take too long to setup as its very simple to do.NOTE: Please check to see if an exact match domain is available for one of your keywords before proceeding past this point, as if there is a domain available, then you can skip this module Page 7 | 28 9. Getting StartedThe first step is to Head on over to Name station. If you are going to build multiple sites per month, then its worth signing up to the Pro membership, Which is from $9/Month, and trust me, oh boy is it worth it The extra features, and No limitations make things a lot easier, Of course its entirely up to you!Assuming you have a free account for now, head on over to Domain name generators and click add keyword list.Set it up such as the following. I was using titanfall in this example, obviously replace the keyword with your niche/primary keyword, and be sure to change the gaming keyword list if you cant find a decent available domain, to e.g Top 1000 Keywords.Now pick a domain from the list generated. There are always some amazing domains available, such as :,, etc.As long as your Primary keyword is in the domain, that will suffice. No Hyphens or Numbers though!The Reason we want a domain like above, is that it contains our keyword for a possible SEO Boost, its short, and easy to remember. Better than Some random or general gaming domain right?P a g e 8 | 28 10. Register and Setup your domainSo youve found a domain, Now what?Go ahead, and register it over at namecheap or your favourite registar.NOTE: Always use a Top TLD / .COM / .NET / .ORG [If your budget allows, buy all of the available domains, and then you can redirect the .org and .net to the .com. This will generate more traffic, and ultimately be more valuable when you sell them together.Now, you need to change your nameservers to your hosting nameservers. If you do not have hosting, Signup for Hostgator and use coupon : TMXAFC2003This will give you $9.94 off any plan. Id suggest going for the Baby Shared hosting package. Be sure to enter the domain you just registered in the top box .Youll then be sent your welcome details, with your nameservers as well. All you now need to do is head on over to namecheap, Click manage domains, select the domain in question, and click Modify nameservers. Enter the two nameservers your host gave you in the welcome email, and save. And were done! Simple eh?P a g e 9 | 28 11. Domain Setup Recap- Use namestation to find domain with keyword in it- No Hyphens, Or Numbers- Short, Easy to remember, SEO Friendly DomainProcess Recap5. Use namestation to find a good, easy to remember, SEO Friendly Domain6. Make sure the primary keyword e.g Titanfall is in the domain7. Change your nameservers to your hosts nameservers. E.g ns123.hostgator.comP a g e 10 | 28 12. Module 3 OverviewIn this module we will cover how to setup Wordpress, and configure all the plugins and themes. This is designed to take no longer than an hour or so, and as long as you can point and click, it doesnt require any technical skills or Coding Knowledge.Once youve completed this process, youll be able to repeat it on other sites you create, all with your eyes closed its that simple!Everything provided is the exact plugins that I use Ive held nothing back, just be sure to follow my instructions exactly!P a g e 11 | 28 13. Getting StartedThe First Step is to login to your hosting Cpanel, e.g. on Blogs and Then Click Wordpress .Then Click InstallAnd fill out the form with the details you want.NOTE: Be sure to leave the directory box Blank, Otherwise it will install to e.g. a g e 12 | 28 14. Installation should now be complete, all you need to do is, go to Login like so :Now, after youve logged in, youll see your admin dashboard.First steps, of what you want to do, is go to posts, and delete the sample post. Then go to pages, delete the sample page.Then, go to settings > permalinks > change structure to post name.If you didnt enter a site title, or wish to change it, you can do so by going to settings > general.When you sign up to your Wordpress account, you activate any of the 3 free themes which is provided. You can go activate the theme by going to Appearance and selecting Themes.P a g e 13 | 28 15. Now to save time, and having to manually upload each plugin individually, we can simply upload one folder, unzip and be done with it.Head on over to your Cpanel [] andlogin. Go to file managerSelect WebrootAnd click on wp-content, and then click on Plugins.From here, you can click on uploadLocating the folder included with your purchase.Select by clicking once on it.And choose Extract on the top left menu will now unzip the plugins archive, and you will see a folder like so.P a g e 14 | 28 16. Double Click on the folder, and Highlight All of plugin folders inside like so.Next, Click Move and delete the Plugins folder directory on the end. 17. Now click move files at the bottom of that window, and it will move all the plugin folders to wp-content/plugins.Now this is done, head on over to your wordpress admin panel again, and Click on Plugins.All we need to do, is select them all by checking the first checkbox on the top left, and selecting activate from the dropdown menu and click apply.And thats it, all plugins are installed. Simple!Plugin SetupThe only plugins that need configuring is :Wp-Auto-add Tags [You need to enter your Open ID and change no. of tags to 15] 18. Go to settings and select All in One SEO pack and make changes accordingly.GA Dashboard [Enter your Google Analytics Info if your using it]MyVideoBlogThis is the Main Plugin, that will be used for generating autopilot content. This is the very heart of the site, and without it, we wouldnt get any visitors or new content.First things first, you need to go to Post > Categoriesand Create 5 10 Categories, that are sub sections of your niche. For example : 19. You now want to go back to the plugin, and click on Add new video source.Customize it such as the following, To suit your niche and categories.Turn Youtube comments on, and set to 20.Make sure that Everyday is checked, and the correct category for the keyword in the video source is selected.And now click Add video source. Rinse and repeat this for all categories.P a g e 18 | 28 20. Widgets ConfigurationThis is the final step of the configuration. Go to appearance > WidgetsDrag each of the available widgets to the sidebar box as shown below.Configure Social Counter like so : 21. If you have ad codes, enter any ad code [300x250 pixels] of your choice in the two advertisement boxes. Like so :You can use any HTML, from any network. E.g. Clickbank, Ad sense etc.Now, Drag these Widgets to the Magazine Layout box. 22. Go to Revolution slider and create new.And then Create a new Slide.Upload an image to fit, thats related to your website.Any image from google etc. will do. You can play around with this slider settings, its up to you. Click save, and then create two more slides with two different images. So you end up with: 23. Now, head on back to the widgets page, and Select your slider, and check home page only.Now, Select a different category for each of the boxed categories. 24. And finally write a short paragraph for SEO Text Block.I promise all of this will make sense in a Minute.Head on over to your websites main page. []P a g e 23 | 28 25. It will now look like this on the sidebar, thanks to our widget customization.P a g e 24 | 28 26. P a g e 25 | 28 27. Almost forgot, One finishing touch is to add the menu bar. So, Go to appearance > Menu > Create NewAnd set it up like the following for the main menu, and be sure to check the box at the button main menu. 28. Now, Do the same with the Top. Create a new menu, and Add some pages.What you really should do, is spend a bit of extra time, creating extra pages. You should have an about us and contact us page at least.P a g e 27 | 28 29. Now that youve configured your theme and plugins, you can literally sit back and relax, watching traffic Roll in. Keep checking your stats, and see how much you are earning from your banner ads. After you are making a Minimum of $100 a Month, You should then Flip it for several thousand as I do.Once your used to the plugin and theme config process, you will be able to do it very quickly, and build many sites every month. Dont be lazy, and Stick at it. You will be making $1000+ every month with barely any work on your part.P a g e 28 | 28