Cross Border & International Ecommerce - Issues

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Disruption by SimplicityCopyright 2013 Swipezoom. All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2013 Swipezoom. All Rights ReservedThe Opportunity International eCommerce

420$billion370$billion390$billion27$billion47$billioneCommerce SalesBy RegioneCommerce GrowthBy MarketCart AbandonmentDomestic vs. InternationalDomesticCustomers67%InternationalCustomers95%Russia 80%Europe 15%China 130%Brazil 70%India 80%Australia 40%Middle East 60%United States 15%Copyright 2013 Swipezoom. All Rights Reserved3Wanting to sell internationally is easy. Getting it right isnt.The ProblemCopyright 2013 Swipezoom. All Rights ReservedThe Problem

User ExperienceAddress Format?Landed Cost?Currency?Payment Method?LogisticsHigh Shipping RatesCustoms ComplianceCustomer ServiceTracking?Returns?FinanceFraud?Currency Fluctuation?ITMultiple Service Providers?

?ComplexityCopyright 2013 Swipezoom. All Rights Reserved5

The SolutionGoing global has never been so easy.Copyright 2013 Swipezoom. All Rights ReservedThe Solution Local Feel. Global Reach. One Relationship.Easy IntegrationChoice of APIs, iframe, extensions & plugins Risk Protection Shield from fraud & currency fluctuationCustoms ComplianceCountry specific documents & declarations

No RedirectTransact on your site. Ship from your store directly to your customers doorstepInternationalized CheckoutAccept foreign currencies, payment methods, address formats & offer low global shipping rates

Copyright 2013 Swipezoom. All Rights ReservedGuaranteed Cost

Duty &TaxesAccurateAddress Formats238Countries14Payment Methods

Affordable Shipping

GuaranteedDeliveryChoice of 108CurrenciesThe Solution 238 Countries. Same User Experience.

AmountShip toDelivery DatePayment MethodPay NowCopyright 2013 Swipezoom. All Rights Reserved8

swipezoom.cominfo@swipezoom.comwhen are you going global?Copyright 2013 Swipezoom. All Rights Reserved


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