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Building a WordPress theme

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Building a WordPress ThemeJosh LeeWho am i?Owner of QC Creative, a local digital marketing and web development agencyWeb developer since 2002Since 2010, 90% of projects have been in WordPress@joshleecreatesWhat is a theme?WordPress Core powers your administrator dashboardA theme tells WordPress how to turn your content into web pagesDefine layout, colors, fonts, headers, footers, menus, sidebars, and widget areasAlternatives...WordPress theme directoryPremium ThemesChild ThemeWhy build a custom theme?Complete control of site look-and-feelCustomize HTML & CSSOverride look-and-feel of pluginsComponents of a ThemeHTMLPHPCSSJSImages & other assetsHTML & PHP Basicsa quick refresher...HTML Refresher

...My Awesome PostThis is a paragraph of text in my post...

with PHP



PHP BasicsPHP allows logic operations with variables:$x = 1;$y = 2;$z = $x + $y;And with functions:

echo( Hello, World );

$post_title = get_post_title();

PHP BasicsConditionals:$x = true;if( $x == true ) {echo( x is true);}

x is trueLoops:$x = 0;while( $x


Conditional Tags`is_` template tags return a boolean (true/false) value, useful for conditional statements:is_single();is_page();is_category();is_page( about-us );Why?...

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