8 Startup Mistakes to Avoid

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1. 8 Early Stage Startup Mistakes To Avoid By Isaac Souweine Presented to to May 13, 2015 Montreal 2. 1. Not knowing what stage your startup is in 3. Examples of stages In search of > Problem/Solution Fit In search of > Traction In search of > Product/Market Fit In search of > Scale In search of > Optimization NB - All advice is good advice for somebody 4. 2. Not understanding that your startup is just a bunch of hypotheses 5. A Good Startup does 2 things well sell the shit out of your vision seek validation for that vision 6. 3. Not being able to identify your riskiest hypothesis 7. Identifying your riskiest hypotheses 8. Identifying your riskiest hypotheses 9. 4. Not having a clear idea of how to test your riskiest hypothesis 10. Testing your hypothesis Surveys Problem interviews Solution interviews Landing page Prototype A Real MVP 11. Interlude - What is an MVP? A Minimum Viable Product is the smallest thing you can build that delivers customer value. . . - Ash Maurya Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHJn_SubN4E 12. 5. Focusing too much on product vs. customer acquisition 13. Instead of Build/Measure/Learn 14. Build/Promote/Measure/Learn 15. 6. Not having a clear idea of what is core and what can be outsourced 16. Things that can be outsourced Your MVP Acquisition Copy PR Brand Anything! Or Nothing!! 17. 7. Not building process from Day 1 18. Small Scale Process Example Source: http://pollenizer.com/tools/ 19. 8. Not building a data culture from Day 1 20. Three Pillars of Data Culture Source: http://www.slideshare.net/isouweine/startup-next-v31 21. Isaac Souweine | @sonofsarah