What You Need to Know About Dermal Fillers

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Are you planning to get dermal fillers? Check out this presentation as Dr. Mary Fonti from the Victorian Cosmetic Institute answers top questions about this procedure.

Text of What You Need to Know About Dermal Fillers

  • Final Q&A with Dr. Mary Fonti
  • Dr. Mary Fonti: Does anybody have questions about any of that? Did I answer most of what you have wanted to ask? Yes? Great! Are you feeling more confident and more excited about getting treatment done? Question: If you were to fill your entire face up and move everything, how painful is that, would you do it all at once? Dr. Mary Fonti: In sections? Every injector would give you a different answer and it is going to depend on your budget as well.
  • Question: Yes. But budget aside? Dr. Mary Fonti: But if you could, there will be times when we do pan facial rejuvenation and do it all in one sitting. It depends on how much you need as well. I probably prefer to do it over a few different sittings but it also depends on what the patient can allow as well and how patient they are. Some people, once they know what they can have done, want it done now and they want it all done now. So it really depends. Theres no right or wrong answer to that. An injector that tells you there is, is just giving your their opinion.
  • Question: When using fillers, you can see straight away, the results, whereas when you use anti-wrinkle it takes time so you want to see how it looks in a couple of weeks and whether you need more areas. Dr. Mary Fonti: Exactly. So I will normally tell my patients to come back for review at the two to three week mark, particularly if its their first time so that we can see if they have had enough or not. But yes, you probably feel like youre playing a waiting game. After you gave an injection then you wait for it to kick in. But you know after your first time you will find youre pro and you will know what to expect and theres nothing to worry about.
  • Woman: In other words, you actually recommend dermal fillers as against injections? Dr. Mary Fonti: Ah, anti-wrinkling injections, no, not because theyre both two different things. It just depends on which part of the problem you would want to tackle. The best approach usually is the combination of the two. Yes. But if someone wants a quick fix, and you want to leave the room with something working now, you know, if its a dermal solution, you go with the dermal fillers. If my patients ask for my opinion, if Ive done a treatment plan for them, they say, this is my budget where do we start? I would normally tell them to channel it into dermal fillers because its going to create instant impact. I think it creates, in terms of years purchased, so how many years off can I buy with this amount of money? You can buy more years off with a dermal filler and it will last you longer. So I think its a better investment for you.
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