Top Reasons Why You Need Quiet Time : Fitness tips by expert

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  • Top Reasons Why You Need Quiet Time : Fitness tips expert

    Living in a world that is driven by output, productivity, profit oriented, high academic achievement

    and traffic chaos, one cannot think of spending a quiet time. Why do you need a quiet time? Well,

    for the most practical reason, it can give you a better perspective; it can help you combat stress and

    just give you a better head start.

    Importance of quiet time:

    Emotional Cleansing - despite your busy schedule, sparing a quality time off to be alone, away from

    all the distractions, allows you to experience emotional cleansing. According to the Pscyhologytoday

    website, emotional cleansing enables you to let go of the emotional luggage that youve been

    carrying for some time now. It further stated that our subconscious mind should let go of those

    experiences. This can be realized in a tranquil environment.

    Enhance Mentation the brain is very complex, but it also needs to rest. A quiet time, according to

    a study from UCLA as quoted from the Huffington post, stated that regular times that you sit in

    silence and mentally rest, boost the cortex, thus it helps the brain to process the information quickly.

    You can do this in your office. Free your schedule for at least ten minutes, and just sit down and

    relax and visualize a thing that brings you happy thoughts.

    Dissipates Anxiety and Stress in silence, you can compose yourself well, forget all your troubles

    and think of a better strategy who to address all your anxiety and stress. Concrete happiness is

    experienced when you are in silence according to Allan Watts, author of the Wisdom of Insecurity.

    He stressed that anxiety is rooted in being disconnected, which is rather an illusion.

  • Improved productivity the highly competitive world affects the entire workforce and most often

    these workers experience work-related-burnt out. Some companies have a meditation room for

    their employees to have a break, meditate and just sit in silence. The result of which is increased

    productivity because it is during the meditative state that one can think clearly where the mind can

    cultivate a mindful intention that can motivate one to take action, says Kelly McGonical,


    The advantages of having a quiet time to ourselves are abundant. However, for some people, having

    a time out, means lost business opportunity. Come to think of it, the brain and the body can only

    take as much, there is a limit to their functions. Our mind and body have to be congruent, and it

    needs rest, and a tranquil moment to get be recharged.

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