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Visit Report to SANEAugust 19th, 2015

VisionLead the world in mental health within ten years

MISSION Help all Australians affected by mental illness lead a better life

VALUESRespect Focus on the person and their strengths, not the illness. Treat with grace and dignity.ResponsibilityDo what is right, however difficult that might beAccountable for the decisions we makeTake care of physical and mental health seek help when need it.CollaborationPartner to share vision etc.Work with people with lived experience.Encourage and support each other.

VALUES (Contd)InnovationHaving passion of learning and disseminating of creative solustionsEmbrace technology to build community and provide helpful info.Research, testing, evaluation.CelebrationCelebrate great achievement (big & small) by ourselves & others.Create a fun, flexible, and inspiring workplace.Broadcast heroic stories of courage, resilience, and recovery.

KEY AREA OF WORKSLack of understanding of symptoms, concerns, about stigma and discrimination, confusion about where to go or what to do, inadequate or non-existent mental health services and policies UNNECESSARY AND DISTRESSING COST OF MENTAL ILLNESS TO MANY AUSTRALIANSSANE works on 3 key areas:Support individuals and their families through Helpline, Online, Chat and ForumsEducate the wider community on mental health and reduce stigma.Train Professionals in suicide preventions, physical health, aged care, and mental health workplace.

BENEFICIARIESAll Australians who have mental disorder.Families and the surrounding that having contact with persons with mental disorder.Workplace and others interaction places (e.g. in the neighbourhood).Public

SCOPE OF SERVICESMindful Employer ProgramProgram in the workplacesSuicide Prevention ProjectSupports on the issue of suicideAged Care ProjectSupports the need of the elderly who are living with mental illnessMind + Body ProjectSupports the healthier life includes both mental and physical wellness

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SCOPE OF SERVICES (Contd)Speakers ProgramA Team of people who candidly speak in public about their personal experiencesMedia CenterPromotes and supports the accurate and responsible portrayal of mental illness and suicide in Australian mass media.Community EducationPromotes better understanding of mental illness and recovery in societyAdvocacyAdvocates at the national level about mental health

SCOPE OF SERVICES DATA(2013-2014)13,000 SANE Forums10 Partnerships7,000 people has been used Helpline (hotline)9 % increase in contacting SANE30 % increase signed up for The Mindful Employer Program.6,500 people educated about surviving from suicides.7 pilot services in mental health training programs20 community health organisations educated on the importance of physical health.66 SANE Speakers has been sharing theirs experiences800+ media stories featured SANE445,000 unique visitors to the SANE website100 % increase in Twitter followers.

OUTCOMES OF SERVICESPersons with mental illness are getting better.The burden of caregivers reducedPersons with mental illness connected to workplacesStigma reductionMental Health Law and related regulations are implemented.Mental illness are become more and more common issue in societyThe data of mental health (the service users etc) getting detailous and improve the mechanism of decisions.


GROUP LESSON LEARNTSEducation for everyone is still the important things to do.Antistigma campaign can be done by mainstreaming through various media.Involvement of the persons with mental illness is an important issue.Partnership to as many as stakeholders in mental health is still needed.Diseminations of the laws, regulations etc will create awareness.Society changed begins from the awareness.Focused works will be result in best achievementsComprehensive supports (by the others workers) in works are the really fulfillment of equity/non-discrimination value.Technologies literacy

IDEAS FOR IMPLEMENTING IN INDONESIAEducations still to be conducted as vast as possible.Educations are needed to be conducted with user-friendly languages and themes. (as well as in regional language?)Enhancement of campaign through various media still need to be performed.Partnerships are keys for the development of MH in Indonesia.Focus on what we can doneEquity/non-discriminationHeld researches as part of fulfilling the rights of PWMDCooperation with Ministry of Information Technology to provide information/education technologically, interactive areas, etc for recovery, relapse preventions, etc.

CHALLENGES VS OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMPLEMENTING IN INDONESIAChallengesOpportunitiesStrategy to OvercomeLaw & Regulation Dissemination Indonesia is corrigible society, learning from the failures and faults.More educationBPJS doesnt cover all the servicesIndonesia is democratic country that listening to the the most needy.AdvocacyUncomprehensive handlingCollaborations are already begunMore cross sectoralmeetingsConsumers/Families Disability LiteracyThose who are impacted by the mental illness usually need and willing to learn more educative contents.Educations & Trainings

Services are in limited numbers and area.Indonesia is developing country that build and improve any kind of servicesAdvocacyInfrastructure is not decentThe mental health/disability groups are needed by many peopleProppose to the funding agency Indicators of recovery is unmeasuredThere are few scale that can be usedGoogle it!