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Root Canals FAQ

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    With todays dentaltechnology and modernanesthesia, root canals are nolonger something to fear.

    Take a look at the facts: hereare comforting answers tomany of the questions on theminds of root canal patients.

  • A root canalprocedure can save atooth that otherwiseyour dentist wouldhave to extract.Dentists can removethe infected pulp,repair the decay, andfill the tooth.

    Thats it. Its not asimple procedure, butcertainly nothing tofear.

    What is involved in a root canal procedure?

  • Extreme andconstant sensitivityto temperatureextremesPain when youchew or bite foodSevere toothachePain that disturbsyour sleep

    What symptoms may indicate that I need aroot canal?

  • The procedure itself is notpainful, thanks to high-techdental equipment andstate-of-the-art anesthetics.

    The recovery period is not aspainful as the symptomsfrom allowing your tooth togo untreated. Youllprobably have a littlediscomfort for the first 48hours, but most patientsfind that over-the-counterpain medicine is all theyneed to feel comfortable.

    Is a root canal procedure painful?

  • Depending upon theseverity of yourinfection, your dentistcan probablycomplete yourprocedure in undertwo hours.

    Many procedures takeonly a half hour tofinish.

    How long will a root canal take?

  • The day of yourprocedure, your dentistwill provide you with atemporary filling. Afterabout six weeks, youllneed to return to yourdentist for a permanentfilling.

    Just make sure not to eatchewy, hard, or stickyfoods while you wear thetemporary filling.

    What kind of follow-up care will I need?

  • Tooth extraction is theonly alternative to a rootcanal procedure. If youchoose tooth extraction,youll have more painduring the recovery periodand may have to get adental implant.

    Root canals allow you tokeep your tooth, cause nopain during the procedureand have fewer sideeffects than thealternative.

    Are there any alternative procedures?

  • For more information visitwww.cavendental.comor call 904-337-6821