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  • Oily Skin Care Products

    We all heard before a comment about a skin being either oily or too oily.

    Well, the purpose of oily skin care products are exactly for that for people with oily to very oily skin.

    Oily skin can be either visible or not are many levels of oily skin the following are the different skin

    types that are within the oily skin family so to speak.

    Combination skin a skin that is dry in most cases but has an active T zone, in some cases the skin

    turns dry in the winter and once it is spring time the skin turns to be combination again.

    Oily skin in this case the skin is oily sometimes visibly oily, such skin may breakout occasionally.

    Very Oily such skin is prone to breakouts, the skin remains oily year round.

    The reasons having an oily type skin are many:

    Work environment

    Food oily foods

    Genetics family genetics

    Hormonal changes age

    Irregular sebum secretion

    Geography the closer we live to the coast the higher the chances of having a certain level of oily skin

    The basis for choosing the right type of Oily skin care products and creams always starts with getting a

    product which is designed for that purpose and is OIL FREE.

    Age is a big consideration, the younger we are usually our skin tends to be more on the oily side.

    The following are our recommendations in respect to each condition:

    Oily young skin bio spa sea of spa

    Acne prone skin B3 line

    Combination skin - Light Day Cream of Sea of Spa Black Pearl & Light E+C Moisturizing cream.

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