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Packaging | MKC | English |

Continuous Motion

Cartoning Machine

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MKC – High-performance

cartoning machine in

continuous operation.

Cartoning machines of the MKC-series are suitable for a

wide range of packaging applications due to their high quality

mechanical engineering and modular design.

Whether as a stand-alone version or integrated into a packaging

line, the MKC is characterized by its flexible features, individual

types of closure and easy operator control.

Highest flexibility

· Basic machine in modular design

· A broad range of feeding systems can be installed

· All commercially available carton closure options can be installed

· Large format range

· Individual modules, offering a customized packaging solution

when combined

Optimal usability

· Modern visualization via movable touch panel

· Simple and clearly arranged operator control

· Low machine design and flat machine front

· Ergonomic machine design offers optimal accessibility of

production and control area

Easy to maintain

· Maximum flexibility due to highly dynamic servo drives

· All safety-related machine functions with overload protection

· Modern balcony-type construction in GMP-compliant design

· Fast format changeovers with reproducible settings

Tomorrow’s design for today’s

product requirements.

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Infeed platforms –

individually adapted

to the product.

Harro Höfliger’s customers’ individually designed

sales packaging is just as unique as their products.

Harro Höfliger offers an extensive portfolio of infeed

options for the handling of these products. Therefore,

a multitude of products can be fed safely and carefully.

Our standardized feeding systems for patches, bottles,

pouches, tubes, blisters and vials are supplemented

with a variety of custom-built solutions. Leaflet folding

and insertion devices as well as booklet and brochure

dispensers can be integrated upon request.

Feeding systems – flexible,

individual and reliable for a

variety of customer requirements.

Perfectly aligned –

ready for insertion into the folding cartons

Wheels in motion –

feeding of bottlesDynamic rotation – product transfer with

precision and speed using cycloids

A solid grip –

product chain synchronization


Safe stacking –

controlled transfer into the product chain

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Everything under control – transfer of cartons via specialized

cycloid movement and active erecting of cartons via opening fingers

Brilliant design –

optimal operator ergonomics and accessibility

In a flash –

continuous product insertion

Perfect closure –

closing of package flap and marking of carton in a continuous process

All data provided in this brochure is non-binding and subject to change.

Technical Data

Standard platforms for various product feeding

systems and specific customer requirements.

Due to the availability of different modules for product

infeed, the product chain, product insertion and folding

carton closure, the machine can be perfectly configured

according to customer requests.

Depending on the requirements, a 3-lane multi-belt

enables intermittent loading of the product cups and

a continuous transfer into the folding cartons – with a

performance of up to 250 cartons per minute.

The MKC concept is extremely user-friendly. For service

and maintenance purposes) the drawer can be pulled

out towards the rear. This results in a linear machine

front and an optimal view of all format related assembly

groups. Numerous frame variations allow a machine

configuration tailored to your needs.

Types of closures:

· Tuck-in closure · Tuck-in and glue closure

· Glue closure · Safety glue closure (fourth flap)

· Special closures

User-friendly concept

in a modern design for

all packaging processes.

Obtain an overview of projects for

which we found suitable carton

packaging solutions in past years.

We specialize in product-specific

feeding systems and have a high

level of process expertise in all

aspects of product packaging into

folding cartons.

We invite you to take a look behind the scenes – please schedule an appointment.

MKC 200 (7.5“)


up to 200 folding cartons/min.

Format range:


Minimum: 50 x 25 x 62

Maximum: 150 x 100 x 200

Special format ranges upon request.

MKC 250 (5“)


up to 250 folding cartons/min.

Format range:


Minimum: 25 x 16 x 62

Maximum: 100 x 100 x 200

Harro Höfliger HMI – the modern and movable full HD multi touch

panel is the interface for convenient operator control

Machine Layout


22 m


953 mm 4,532 mm

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