Build Muscle And Lose Fat Fast

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  1. 1. Burning body fat is a very tricky proposition but it becomes an unavoidable challenge if you plan to sport a fit and well-trimmed body. With summer fast approaching, many people are once again back to their old habits of cramming into a very short time the uneviable consideration of how to lose fat fast and you can imagine how much of a challenge this becomes when you combine a very hard-to-meet goal with a very condensed time frame. Still, there are ways to lose fat fast and if you are willing to put in the requisite work and the mental discipline to stick
  2. 2. to very strict dieting and exercising tips, you should be able to shed off those unsightly flabs within a relatively short period of time. The best way to lose fat fast is to grow muscle that easily. This is because muscles are the most critical elements that dictate metabolism and fat and calorie burning in the body. The better your muscle tone is, the faster you lose fat and in turn the easier it is for you to maintain your desired body weight. To do this, engage in a regular routine of cardiovascular activities and strength training. Cardiovascular fitness helps you to live an active lifestyle which means your body burns more calories per unit time than if you were totally sedentary. Strength training, on the other hand, increase muscle mass which in turn reinforces the positive effects of cardiovascular fitness on metabolism, as well as demanding more energy that the body generates by burning more fat tissues. An excellent combination of cardio and strength training can dramatically lead to jaw dropping results in as short as 4 weeks. Another key component when considering how to lose fat fast is to watch out what you are putting
  3. 3. into your mouth. A fatty, oily, meaty diet means you are taking in more fat that the body stores up as fat deposits. To avoid this, eat more vegetables and fruits. Get your proteins from other sources aside from fatty meat sources like pork. If unavoidable, consider only eating lean meat portions and limit your servings to what you only need. Do not binge every meal; instead aim for more frequent meals at smaller portions. Drink a lot of water to help quell the hunger, avoid sweetened drinks like cola, fruit juice, alcohol and other caffeinated drinks, and faciliate metabolic processes. Lastly, remember that there are also healthy fat sources that your body needs in order to properly function. Among these are those fats coming from olive oil, fish oil, mixed nuts and other organic and naturally occuring sources. Healthy fats help offset the effects of bad fats by displacing them in the body as well as faciliate better digestion. Make sure to get regular servings of healthy fats by creatively mixing salads with olive oil garnishes in the right proportions or cooking your fish in its own oil.
  4. 4. If you stick to the above routine, you should be able to lose fat fast. A period of 4 to 6 weeks should be enough to see major changes in your body. The challenge, considering the sacrifices that you will have to make, are indeed daunting but remember that it's for your own good. A healthy, fit, and trim body can go a long way into ensuring that you stay out of the hospital and remain free from diseases and other complications not to mention a beach-ready body too. I hope these tips have helped you,if you are serious about losing fat and gaining muscle ,feel free to watch this video