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This is a bit more descriptive of the images found in the previous powerpoint. These images are form the Mercytrips Ugandan Mission Jan Feb 2013


  • 1. Winter 2013, Jan-Feb 2013 Ugandan Mission Trip

2. Hotel Lobby, the Golf Course Hotel 3. The Golf Course Hotel 4. The Golf Course Hotel in Kampala 5. Setting Up the ORs 6. Unpacking supplies for surgery 7. Setting up and getting organized 8. Stocking shelves before surgery 9. ..and all those instruments! 10. Ready to Scrub 11. The New Nursing School at Kanginima 12. Patrick Mutono, MD and Lab Tech,Kanginima Hospital Lab 13. Our Only Anesthesia Machine, circa1980 14. Another OR to be Set up, brand new since last trip! 15. A malarial spleenectomy 16. Odd cases from surgery clinic 17. Another new operating room ! 18. The recovery ward before patients 19. The Ward after Surgery 20. A little malaria?...... 21. Kanginima Hospital 22. Dr Mudooba and Dr VW scubbed on a Karamojawarrior 23. Three docs in a mastectomy 24. Working on a ganglion wrist cyst 25. Karamoja interpreters 26. Karamoja Women Interpreters 27. The Kids of Karamoja 28. The Homes of the Karamoja 29. Thatched Huts and Low Doors 30. Beads and Togas 31. The Ladies of Karamoja 32. Children and Stilt homes 33. The Vast Land of the Karamoja 34. Compounds protected from otherwarriors 35. Protected by brambles 36. Front gate to Village 37. The Ankole Cattle of the Karamoja 38. Traditional Karamoja dress 39. Sissiya Falls 40. Looking over the cliff 41. I am not scared of heights 42. my mom and dad are moonshinersup here on the cliff 43. The Still from a distance 44. The White Nile out of Lake Victoria 45. The Team at Source of the Nile 46. The very first island in the Nile 47. Gandhi wanted his ashes in the headwaters of the Nile 48. The Team 49. The warrior team 50. A completed filtered spring 51. Filtering a natural spring 52. Filtering a natural spring 53. This bone chip came out of my leg. 54. Dx: Osteomyelitis with Bone Extrusion 55. A Keloid Scar 56. Thousands gather for clinic day 57. Entrepreneurship everywhere inMbale 58. Selling in Bulk is the way 59. Lunch for 3 dollars, curried goat andrice 60. Devotions each Morning.. 61. A brand new community church ! 62. Multinational Medical ReliefCorps of (June 2013)