Top Ten Free Android Apps for Weight Loss

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MetaPlume has published an eBook, ‘Top Ten Free Android Apps for Weight Loss’. This eBook for everyone who is sick of weight loss books! This eBook was put together after extensive testing of free fitness and weight loss Android apps. The top ten were chosen (actually 9 apps and one tip) that together cover the gambit of what you need to get a grip on in order to achieve weight loss. Gimmicky “facts” are replaced with a solid but witty explanation of how to arm yourself, via your Android mobile phone (or tablet), with information and tools that are actually useful. Everyone has a mobile phone on them all the time these days and so if you want to make weight loss a priority, why not use the gadget in your pocket to keep you accountable and motivated? These top apps at your fingertips will give you exercise routines, healthy recipes, planning, progress reports, in fact everything from yoga asanas and quick work outs, to weight training, cardio, calorie counting, ab focus, motivation and even keeping track of water consumption. “I wanted to put together an eBook that would show people how they can turn their phones into real lifestyle tools,” explained the author, Fiona Gatt. “Smartphones are so much more than just mobile phones, we all know that, but really setting a phone up with a specific lifestyle purpose is so much easier if someone has already tested out all the apps for you.” The Top Ten Free Android Apps for Weight Loss eBook is suitable for anyone with a mobile phone or tablet that runs the Google Android operating system. The eBook is available for $2.99 from Amazon:

Text of Top Ten Free Android Apps for Weight Loss

  • 1.

2. Ever tried to lose weight by phone ?

  • This eBook will show you how to set up your Android smartphone or tablet as a weight loss tool
  • Will give you valuable information for making the right decisions, friendly reminders, and ways to track your goals and progress to keep you accountable

3. An Android app for exercise ? 4. VirtuaGymsuggests your exercises

  • Fits in short workouts at home
  • No need to pre-plan your activities
  • Tailored for either a home workout with no gym equipment or a gym workout
  • 40 different exercises spread across all of the different workouts

5. An app to Keep track of your weight? 6. Simple Weight Recorder tracks your weight

  • The app will show you what your current BMI and assessment of your weight
  • View your progress and even look at graphs

7. Yoga on your mobile? 8. Yoga Exercises app is your mobile guru

  • This app gives a lot of detail, on how to get into a pose and hold it correctly
  • Shows images of positions and provides details on at least one method of how to do it
  • Health benefits of each position are also explained

9. An app to remind you about drinking water? 10. Drinking Water app reminds you about drinking water

  • This app will remind you every hour on the hour to drink a glass of water
  • Helps keep you accountable concerning an important factor of weight loss

11. And more.. 12. Top Ten Free Android Apps for Weight Loss

  • Developed on the basis of reviewing hundreds of apps
  • Make it easy to exercise
  • Make it easy to eat healthy foods
  • Keep yourself accountable
  • Monitor your progress
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Include some weight training in your routine
  • Make sure youre consuming the right amount of calories to reach your weight loss goals
  • Dont neglect your abs
  • Burn fat with cardio
  • Get some motivation from a professional when you need it

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