Top 5 foods for healthy teeth

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Text of Top 5 foods for healthy teeth

  • Top 5 foods for healthy Teeth

  • GREEN TEAContains antioxidant, which prevent plaque formation and also helps reduce chances of developing gum problems and cavities.Many green teas also contain fluoride which protects the tooth enamel keeping teeth healthy.

  • CHEESE Cheese is low in carbohydrate Has high calcium and phosphate which makes your teeth healthy. It balances the mouths Ph, preserves and rebuilds the enamel, preventing tooth decay.

  • FRUITS and VEGGIESFruits like apples, strawberries, citrus fruits, specially kiwis, are high in vitamin C. It is important for the health of collagen network in your gumsCrunchy vegetables acts as cleansers and stimulate your gums, making them healthy.

    If your diet lacks vitamin C it may result in breakage of the collagen network making your gums tender.

  • ONIONOnions contain antibacterial sulfur compounds which keep your mouth sanitized. It is most powerful when eaten fresh and raw.

    To have strong teeth daily include raw onion in your salads.


  • WATER Water keeps your gums hydrated and helps wash away the food particles trapped in between which cause bad breath and tooth decay. It also cleanse the mouth allowing saliva deposit the minerals back in to weakened teeth.