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  • 1. Um feto de poucas semanas encontra-seno interior do tero de sua me. In the womb

2. An embryo of few weeks inside the mothers womb . 3. It is in the beginning of its development. There is a long road ahead. 4. It is the first step of human development andat this stage it can be confused with theembryo of dog or monkey. 5. It is connected to the vitelino bagthat provides the nutrients that it needs in the first weeks of life. 6. After about8 weeks of gestation the vitelino bag loses its function. The umbilical cord then starts to feed it with nutrients provided from the mothers body. 7. While everything happens, it floats, calmly, in the uterus of its mother. 8. In 16th week of gestation it already has developedthe limbs. The eyes are stillclosed, but the hands and the feet start to move themselves, even though its mother does not perceive it yet. 9. Thanks to the ecografia4D, you can seethe features of the baby quite clearly, evenits faceial expressions . 10. At24 weeksOnly the lungs are not completelyformed. if it was born at this moment, it would have a good chance of survival. 11. At this stage It already moves the arms and the legs, it blinks the eyes, and it sucks the fingers 12. It is becoming conscientious of the space that surrounds it. 13. As with allembryos, itpasses most of the time sleeping It even dreams 14. Complete at nine months and is ready to be born. In 40 weeks, what was one cell was changed into a human being. 15. The miracle of the formation of the life of ahuman being in the wombisalmost finished In few days the lungsand the placenta will be put in charge to signal that the hour of the childbirth has arrived. 16. The baby still sleeps, calm, in the womb of its mother. It does not know that soon itwill abandon the placidness of its "house" to pass through one of the most traumatic experiences of its life:the birth. 17. Yes, because the childbirth is not painful only for the mother. It is alsotraumatic and stressful for the baby. 18. BUT IT IS THUS THAT IT HAPPENS The MIRACLE OfLIFE