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Pro EFT Advanced Tapping Points

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  • 1.Pro EFTAdvanced Tapping Points

2. 1. Eyebrow (EB) 2. Side of Eye (SE) 3. Under Eye (UE) 4. Under Nose (UN) 5. Chin (Ch) 6. Collarbone (CB) 7. Under Arm(UA) 8. Liver (LV) 9. Wrists(WR) 10. Head (CrH) 2010 by Lindsay Kenny, www.LKcoaching.com 3. Karate Chop Point 4. Eyebrow 5. Side of the Eye 6. Below the Eye 7. Under Nose and Chin 8. Collarbone 9. Under the Arm 10. Liver 11. Wrist 12. Crown of the Head 13. Tapping Basics Neutralizing Negative Emotions1. Assess intensity level or charge (from 1 to 10)2. Set-up statement on KC point: Even though Im angryat Taylor for denting my car, I accept myself anyway3. 1st round: Use reminder phrase while tapping on eachpoint- this anger at Taylor4. 2ndround: vent your feelings I cant believe she did that and didnt tell me!...how rude!5. Reassess the intensity: Give it a new 10-0 rating6. Repeat Steps 2 and 3, until the intensity is at a zero 14. Tap frequently Several times a day May need to tap for a period of time Or both 15. Basic Pro EFTIt is not everything there is to know. But it is a goodstarting point. If it doesnt solve the issue you areworking on, it doesnt mean that EFT doesnt work.You may need to 16. You may need to engage in Self study Private sessions Group seminars 17. Thank you for watching thispresentation!Let me know if I can be of any help. 18. www.EFT-Choose-Your-Life.com [email protected]