Questions to ask your hearing specialist before you buy hearing aids

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<ol><li> 1. QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR HEARING SPECIALIST BEFORE YOU BUY HEARING AIDS </li><li> 2. COMPILING YOUR LIST OF QUESTIONS Creating a list of questions to go over with your hearing specialist is the single most important thing you can do before your hearing test. Youll want to bring a list of questions to go over so that you get the hearing solution that is best for you. Your list of questions should cover four major topics: 1. Hearing loss 2. Hearing aid styles and features 3. Hearing aid financing 4. Hearing aid operation and care </li><li> 3. HERE ARE SOME OF THE QUESTIONS YOULL WANT TO INCLUDE </li><li> 4. QUESTIONS ABOUT HEARING LOSS What type of hearing loss do I have? Do I have unilateral or bilateral hearing loss? Can I have a copy of my audiogram? Will my hearing loss get worse over time if left untreated? Will hearing aids improve my hearing? How much of my hearing will hearing aids restore? What are my other options besides hearing aids? </li><li> 5. QUESTIONS ABOUT HEARING AID STYLES AND FEATURES How many different types of hearing aid styles do you offer? Which hearing aid style is best for my needs and lifestyle? Which digital features would be important to me, and which could I do without? What are telecoils and directional microphones and do I need them? Do I need Bluetooth compatible hearing aids? Do my hearing aids need to be professionally programmed? Do I need one or two hearing aids, and why? </li><li> 6. QUESTIONS ABOUT HEARING AID FINANCING What is the total cost of the hearing aids, including professional services? Do you offer any financing plans? Will my insurance help pay for hearing aids? How much will my hearing aids cost me annually? Do the hearing aids have warranty coverage? How much do hearing aid repairs cost after the warranty has expired? Are repairs done at the office or somewhere else? If my hearing aids have to be sent out for repairs, are loaner hearing aids available? Is there a trial period and how long is it? Is there a restocking fee if I return my hearing aids after the trial period? </li><li> 7. QUESTIONS ABOUT HEARING AID OPERATION AND CARE How do I operate my hearing aids? How do I use hearing aids with telephones and other devices? Can you show me how to use all of the buttons, features, and settings for my hearing aids? What are environmental presets, and how do I access them? Do I need a remote control, or can I use my smartphone to control the hearing aids? What batteries do I need, how long will they last, and how do I replace them? How should I clean and store my hearing aids? Do I need to come back for follow-up visits? How long will my hearing aids last? Do I need to update the hearing aid software? Do I qualify for future hearing aid upgrades? </li><li> 8. YOURE READY TO SCHEDULE YOUR HEARING TEST! Phone: (503) 877-1684 Tollfree: (888) 539-9221 </li></ol>